Thursday, February 7, 2008 Winner

After weeding out all the double entries ;-) [tryyyy to only comment once lol.. cause when you double up comments it makes it harder for mio)

any how.

Congrats EMILY! You win a slingcarrier!

Within the next few weeks we'll be having some remodeling done to this site.. and then we will start the CLOTH DIAPER reviews. I just got a cloth diaper, diaper bag! It came while we were in Florida. I cannot wait to show it off... its a great bag for cloth diapering moms.

Thanks everyone


  1. Ohhh, congrats to the winner..that's very exciting. I've been waiting to see if by chance I would win :-( BUT..that's okay because now I know and I plan to order one (I decided last week that if I didn't win, I would purchase one of these slings to try out!) thanks again guys, and I'm anxious to see your new diaper bag!

  2. Hi Erin,
    your welcome! I wish we could give a sling to all our faithful readers... :-) but I guess a business cant work that way haha.
    They are great slings. I love mine. Again if you dont like the ring size it has go to and purchase the size MEDIUM Alumnium ones and you can find anyone who has sewing skills to replace the rings.. its not hard! You cant even tell my rings were ever replaced


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