Friday, February 1, 2008

More Coming... For now get a free shirt :-)

Some of you may have already seen this on other blogs.. but I thought I'd let our readers know as well...

Over at Polly Tod you can get a free t-shirt for your baby/child by simply writing a blog about them like this!

They have some really funny baby clothes.

I dont care for all of them... thats just me :-) but I did find this one really cute!

So check them out and you can get yourself a free shirt as well.

On another note..

I wanted to let all our readers know about some upcoming changes in our blog.

The babywearing reviews arent over! We are a bit behind on things... sorry :-\ lots of travel lately!! So things took a bit longer to finish than I was thinking...

We have a few more babywearing reviews to showcase...
and after that we hope to start showing our cloth diaper reviews.

Then... when those are done I will redesign this site and change its name!! Because we will be adding two new mamas to our review team! :-) I cant do all these reviews myself.. and I have two close friends that I thought would be a great addition. Elizabeth and I are both very busy... (Id say her more so than me... she baby sits A LOT... so shes pretty stretched for time these days). So I thought by adding my two friends would help us review more .. that way we could have a steady amount of post going up :-)

If you hvae any ideas for a blog title let me know!

I have an idea in my mind but Im always up for readers ideas. :-)
We want blog review name that is fun.. yet easy to remember.

Something that wont need changing with time.

Thanks guys!

*Posted by Andrea - in a hotel 8 hours from home in Florida HAHA*

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  1. I'm so glad that you guys have some more people to help do reviews.....that's awesome...if ever you want one more feel free to ask me...I might not be quite as good with words, etc, as you guys, but would love to help out if or where I can!!! Irregardless of that, I hope you are having a great time in Florida ( I'm a little jealous, I gotta tell 'ya!)


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