Monday, February 11, 2008

We were featured on a site!

Now grant it this site isnt about REVIEWS or promoting mom review sites ;-) but I am thankful for the free advertising hehe.

Adam over at offers free templates that you can spruce up (with the right know how). I have used many of his templates to do jobs in the past.

The template used to make simple was one of his that I tweaked!

Adam liked it so much he featured us on his home page!

Thanks Adam!

Heres a quote off his website of what he thought of simple...

"The light pink highlights and white background makes this blog fun and inviting. The light background makes the text easy to read and pictures pop. Good job!"

*Side note. We will be having a giveaway this week! so check back. And its a giveaway that whoever signs up fastest win. We have 10 items to giveaway. We wont be drawing for them either... its whoever the 1st 10 commentors are. - you do have to live in the US I believe but sign up anyway if you are in canada.. if I cant use canada residents ill just void those entries...*


  1. Cool! I love the new look by the way!

  2. Yes, I was about to say the same...nice look!

  3. thanks for the resource...if I ever get a large portion of time to do a bloggy make-over (hopefully soon) I'm going to use this....


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