Thursday, March 27, 2008

Awesome thick and rich biblical music for your kids - Jamie Soles!

When Taite was born my friend Lis (our other review mama) gave me a CD called "The Way My Story Goes" by Jamie Soles.

I was thrilled to get this (although at that time Taite would of done very little with a CD haha)... but my son Caleb (who was almost 3) LOVED this CD and to this day ask for it by name.

Im not a huge fan of the typical bible songs for kids. I like them... because they do teach our children simple doctrine and bible truth... but they get kinda repetitive? for me to listen to all day long :-) but let me tell you...

Jamie Soles is seriously the best artist I have ever listen to for children. I shouldnt even say just for children though. He also makes adult CDS.

My husband (A Baptist Pastor - in case you didnt know) loves the cds so much that he actually put them on his mp3 player and listens to them while he works out. Who would of thought my 31 year old husband would enjoy listening to children's music on his own :-)

He loves how his songs speak about Gods sovereignty ... and grace. He also just loves how the one CD "The Way my Story Goes" teaches children so much about each story in the bible.

I could go on about how wonderful Jamie Soles CDS are... but you may get bored with what I have to say...

Take my word for it though these are fantastic.

I now have 4 of his CDS.

The Way my Story Goes
Up From Here
Fun and Prophets

All 4 of them are fantastic.

Jamie Soles would like to offer TWO of you the chance to win a CD.
He has two to offer.

1 "The Way my Story Goes"
and 1 "Up From Here"

So heres what you do to enter.

1. Sign Mr. Linky (ONCE!)
2. If you dont have a blog please just leave us your email address instead of BLOG link.
3. If you'd like to be entered TWICE... just blog about THIS REVIEW as well as Jamie Soles Store.. come back and leave us the direct link to your post. Please be honest.

We will provide you all with a button below that you can use in the post.

Giveaway Ends April 4th - Friday

Posted by Drea


  1. I would love this for my kids.

  2. Andrea, the second link to me is actually for my post, but I hit enter too soon and it posted before I could put the unique URL in the box! Sorry about that, I did blog about it though!

  3. This would be so neat! Thanks!

  4. I'd love to win this cd!

  5. I'd be very excited to listen to something other than the wiggles=)

  6. I've been wondering about good biblical music for my kiddo lately. It's nice to hear a recommendation!

  7. Looking for some good tunes, would love to try this out!


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