Sunday, March 30, 2008

We want to know from you!

We wanted to ask our readers a quick question.

How do you prefer giveaways?

Do you prefer us to use the comment system.. where you simply leave 1 comment and be entered in the giveaway.. or do you like the widget option instead?

We'd like to do what you all like best.




  1. Either one is fine with me. I suppose the widget is easier, but I like reading other peoples comments so... the comment way is cooler ;)

    Good luck!

  2. I don't really mind either one...sooo, I guess I'm not much help! ;) I'd what you 4 ladies think is best or easiest for you!

  3. either way for me too, doesnt bother me. filling in the widget thingy is kinda fun, but i really dont mind - helpful huh!

  4. Widget, for sure. Very easy!

  5. Either way is easy for me, I mean I'll spend the extra time on a comment for the chance to WIN something :-) I would assume the widget is easier for you though, it would eliminate all the double comments!

  6. I like the Mr. Linky.. the widget the best.

  7. Either way is fine with me also. Which ever you choose, I will still be around.


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