Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dream-eze at Montana's Diaper Store

A lot of moms are turned off by cloth diapers because of how bulky they can be compared to disposables.

This is very true when you use pre-folds or one size diapers. When a baby is smaller (newborn-6 mo) the diapers can look a bit odd some days :-) I use to call Taite a PEAR because he looked so round in his clothes due to a chunky diaper.

There is a solution though...

And that is..

Dream Eze 2Dream Eze.

Dream Eze are fitted AIO cloth diapers.

Some of you may not be familiar with the term fitted or AIO...
What this means is that the diapers are made for a certain sized baby. They range from sizes Small to X-Large. This way you get a more "fitted look" with the diaper.. rather than a chunkier style diaper.

AIO means ALL IN ONE. This means the diaper is completely intact. No stuffing... no pulling out inserts... no buttoning in inserts... no adding covers. Its all together. A complete diaper in one.

For those who have less time this is a huge help!

Below is a little bit more information about this particular diaper...

  • Simple to use. Even dads and childcare providers will find them easy.
  • Organic peroxide bleached, cotton inner, no synthetic fabrics next to baby's delicate skin.
  • Waterproof yet breathable soft PUL outer.
  • Absorbent. The most absorbent AIO available on the market today!
  • Durable snap closures. Won't fray and deteriorate after use like hook and loop closures.
  • Unique soaker design means your Dream-Eze AIOs will be easy to clean and quick to dry.
I didnt think I would like these cloth diapers... but I really do.

I especially love the design and how trim they are.
I found them to be VERY absorbent.. and they also hold messes really well. When I 1st used one on Taite I thought for sure if he had a blow out it go all over the place. Not the case.. this diaper held up so well and I have yet to have any messes.

Dream Eze 1
If any of you are curious what size Taite wears. He is currently in a size L. This fits babies 19-29 pounds. Taite last time I checked weighed 23 lbs.. He still has room to grow into this diaper. Im only on the 2nd snap in.

Dream Eze are sold at Montana's Diaper store.



  1. Looks like they improved the design since the testers. I bought 2, but the elastic was too narrow and tight. They were gorgeous though!

  2. I'm not a Dream-Eze fan but for trimness and super simplicity I like the Thirsties Pocket AIO. There are some things I don't like about Thirsties but I have found that you have to experiment (oh, darn :P) with a few to find what works for your little one.

    Autumn Beck

  3. I really like dream-eze myself. I just discovered them in the beginning of this month. Great fit and I like a snug fit in the legs. *Painless* red marks are fine if it means they are leak-free!


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