Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Beauty 4 U - By Beeyoutiful.com

With children who get burned, scratched... babies who get diaper rash or irritations around their mouth due to teething and excess slobber. :-) I find that its very nice to have a product handy that can help with multiple problems.

I have been using the Miracle Salve by Beeyoutiful.com since Christmas 06. When I first saw this little jar I thought it was a joke :-) and figured it wouldn't do much at all... but I have found with time that it works great with so many problems.

Probably the main things I've used this on are Taite's Diaper rash issues... as well as a rash he gets around his mouth due to him licking his bottom lip to much.

It works great! I love the fact it works well with my cloth diapers as well.. cause most diaper rash creams messed and stain them.

Other things you can use this product for are...

scrapes, burns, cuts, eczema (which I have!), sores, bites, or just dry skin.

Its a small bottle but it packs a punch.

Check it out HERE.

Another great product Beeyoutiful.com has is a great Vanilla Dream BODY BUTTER. Body Butters are great for those with really dry skin.

This is an all natural body butter... it has a very nice scent! They even say it actually taste good (I wouldn't know haha).

This butter is very rich and leaves your skin feeling silky soft.
Its great for damaged skin and I found it feels especially wonderful after a warm bath or shower.

Here's a list of the ingredients...

Ingredients: Shea butter, Vanilla infused oils of Coconut, Olive, and Grape Seed, Grapefruit Seed Extract, essential oil of Ylang Ylang, vanilla plantifolia.

Get your own HERE.

And we cant leave out the hair...

Healthy hair is a must for me.

One time I got a perm and it RUINED my beautiful healthy hair. I loved curly hair so much that I was willing to risk damaging it to get that look... never again. It took 3 months of weekly treatments to get my hair back to normal... and really it wasn't better again until after it grew all that perm out.

Since that ordeal I realize the importance of using a good leave in conditioner. Ive never been one to use conditioners in the shower.. I just didn't like how they made my hair feel...

I do love the leave in kind though!

Beeyoutiful.com makes a wonderful Hair Shine leave in conditioner. Its good for all hair types... and this bottle has well over 1000 squirts in it ;-) so it will last you much longer than those conditioner bottles you'd use in the shower.

The best part is its all natural! :-)

Check it out HERE

And feel free to use our coupon code: PR308AW to get 10% off your order.. cannot be used on books or packaged deals...

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  1. I absolutely love the Miracle Salve! It works wonderfully for diaper rashes.


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