Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Weeones Review & Giveaway

I absolutely love supporting WAHM's. To me they are some of my favorite people to review for... just because I know they use what they sell :-)

Crystal from Weeones.biz is the mastermind behind a great line of cloth diapers.

I own a few of hers.... and one of those is the Organic Terry Bamboo ONE size.

Bamboo is one of my new favorite things... if you havent seen or touched bamboo you are missing out. Bamboo has such a nice organic feel to it... and its SUPER SOFT!

This bamboo diaper not only feels great but it looks and works well.

Its very trim.. not overly bulky... and Crystals sewing is perfect.

At $20.00 a pop these organic bamboos may be a tad high for some cloth diapering moms... but If you want to splurdge, try one out :-) they are so nice. If you cant afford the bamboo ones she also has lots of nice fitteds at a very affordable price!

With this diaper though you would need a cover...

I tried two of her covers.

Weeones pull up cover with flash
My favorite is the PULL ON style cover.

Because im in the midst of potty training Taite I find this cover perfect. It performs great... feels great and stays on! I tried some plastic pant covers one time with Taite and hated them. They not only felt bad to me.. but I can only imagine how awful he felt in them.

These pul covers are made out of a great material. I put Taite in trainer undies the other day with one of these over top.. he had an accident and we had ZERO mess to clean.

Weeone Cover-5

They also have a snap style cover.

They are made out of the same material as the pull on style. Only difference is they snap on.

The only con I found with her snap on covers was the bottom seemed a lil puffy looking. But the leg gussets fit great around the baby and we had no gap issues.

Now if using fitteds and covers is to much for you... they also make AIO diapers.

We tried the one with the leg gussets and the snap in soaker.

I love the idea of the snap in soaker.. just because you dont have to deal with STUFFING any pockets. I use mostly pocket diapers.. so when I wash this diaper and dont have the chore of stuffing it Im relieved :-) I dont mind the stuffing so much.. but it is nice not to have that task with a few.

The snap in option allows you to hang dry the diaper cover.. while the soaker dries in a dryer.. or hang drys separate for quicker drying on its own.

You can also add in a doubler inside the soaker if you want to use it as a night time diaper.

My over all opinion on Weeones.biz...

LOVE the service.

The mom who makes these is super sweet (just had a new baby also!).

and I Love the diapers.

I found they work great and I look forward to purchasing more of her fitteds in the future.

With newborns I think its nice to have a smaller cloth diaper.. and if her fitteds are anything like the organic bamboo we got.. then I know id be more than happy with them.

Crystal would like to offer one of you the chance to spend 25 dollars on her site free!

Since we have lots of moms interested in starting with cloth diapers... Crystal thought she'd offer the free 25 dollars to a mom who plans on buying a few diapers herself. This means in order to get the free 25 dollars she does require you spend 25. So you can spend $50.00 but really only spend $25.00 :-)

I hope that made sense!

The $25.00 coupon will be good for well over a year.. so even if you dont intend on purchasing anything until later in the year thats fine.

TO sign up fill our Mr. Linky below.

If you'd like to be entered TWICE just blog about US as well as WEEONES .. then come back and sign Mr. Linky for a 2nd time. PLEASE be honest and only sign up once if you dont intend on blogging about this.

If you'd like feel free to use our coupon code (available to anyone) dreablog for 10% off any purchase at Weeones.biz


  1. I have heard of these diapers before and liked what I saw online but i thought they were all fitteds. Do they have one size diapers?

  2. I've been researching cloth diapers for my baby due in August, so it's so nice to hear a first-hand review!

  3. Oh boy, do I want to win! Bamboo diapers sound lovely. We just got started with cloth diapering, and we have four pocket diapers and a couple of prefolds. Prefolds aren't my favorite, so we go right through the pockets, and then it's back to chasing my daughter and trying to fold, Snappi, and cover her. For some reason it just takes a lot longer to put on the prefolds, even if I don't Snappi them or even if I put the dipe in the cover already folded. One time a cover rubbed a raw place on the top of her thigh--it was a weird place. Poor baby! Any advice regarding prefolds would be much appreciated! I would really appreciate these diapers, and they would see a lot of use at my house!

  4. I'm so glad to see the cloth diaper reviews starting! I hope to win this drawing. ldyfarrell@yahoo.com

  5. I would definitely be interested in this. I cloth diapered my 2 kiddos and am expecting to cloth diaper this next babe due next month.

    mountainrailway at gmail dot com

  6. I love the idea of using these kinds of diapers! I hope I win!

  7. sorry-totally losing my mind this week- i just read when it ends..

  8. I'm planning to use cloth diapers for my baby due in July, but I'm on a limited budget, so it would be nice to win this giveaway.

  9. It would be great to see some more cloth diaper reviews, there are so many choices out there it is hard to know where to start! I am looking forward to seeing what you guys think.


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