Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I ditched the Disposables... im a Luna gal!

*Warning Warning... if you are a MAN there is a lot of womanly stuff below that may disturb some men, haha*

I was very hesitant to do this review...
The main reason being... my dad reads my blog! :-)

Another reason being the idea of cloth... and a period... just didn't seem appealing for me.

I am a cloth diapering mom. When it comes to washing diapers i'm good. I don't mind the mess at all... and actually found it rather easy to keep up with washing them.

But for some reason when I thought about storing used menstrual pads... and washing them... I wasnt sure what to think.

My friend Lis though talked me into emailing Luna Pads ... and they gladly shipped me a few products to test.

You ready for this? :-)



loved them!

I seriously thought I would hate them... and thought for sure I would have LIS post this review.. since I knew she loved them.

These pads not only feel great... but they work great.

I had ZERO leakage...

I didn't feel like I was changing things every hour. In fact I used the same amount of pads per day that I did when using disposable pads.

Why use cloth though?

Heres some information for you all...


Made with 100% cotton (pretty prints and colors, or organic), Lunapads and Lunapanties are far softer and more breathable than disposable pads and pantyliners. They don’t have the sticky, sweaty feeling of disposables, and there’s no glue to get stuck in uncomfortable places. Most of our customers tell us that Lunapads are far more comfortable than they had expected, even if they were not previously pad users.


Like recycling bottles and newspapers, washing Lunapads or rinsing out the DivaCup is a little more work than throwing away your used pads and tampons. But with over 14 billion pads, tampons and applicators going into North American landfills every year, it’s a small but important way of taking personal responsibility for a massive environmental problem.


Many of our customers report that they come to enjoy caring for their Lunapads and DivaCup, and that it helps them feel more positive about their cycles and in touch with their bodies overall.

It may sound strange if you’re new to the idea, but after using your new natural menstrual products over time, they start to feel like old friends. There is something very gentle, intimate and comforting about using them every month. After a while, the idea of going to a drugstore to buy pads or tampons seems like an unimaginable waste of time and money, when you could just be spending time taking care of yourself instead.

You can read more as to why you should switch HERE.

Now here's the question all of you want to ask..


I was really concerned with this as well.. and thought it would be really gross to "keep them" around after being used...

It really wasn't though.. and actually the idea of keeping the disposable ones folded up in my trash basket is less appealing to me now than the cloth ones.

When I use a pad... I have a plastic bowl in our laundry room.. I keep it behind things so its not in clear view. ;-) Not that we have people in and out of that room.. its closed off.

Once a pad is used I put it into the bowl (that is filled with water).
Let it sit until its ready to wash. When its ready to wash I just dump the pads into my washing machine.. and wash them like Id wash any clothing item. I then dry them in my dryer... and thats it. After they are dryed they come out very nice looking... I was amazed at how clean and new they looked after being used.

I found these pads to be very comfortable... and actually enjoyed my period more because of it. I have always been one of those women who hated my period... and dreaded wearing those plastic-diaper feeling pads. I have never been a tampon girl... I don't think they're safe... but beside that I just didn't like how they felt. So pads were my only option.

Now that Ive used the Luna Pads I realize that a natural approach to our cycles is much better.

It not only is healthier... reduces garbage... but it also feels better.

Some of you may be curious about the DIVA CUP. I don't use one.. but Lis does... so here's Lis with her thoughts on this product...

"I use both the DivaCup and Lunapads. The DivaCup does get a little more um, personal then tampons. Once in correctly you can go up to 12 hours, depending on your flow, without worrying, you can even forget it's there. You can do anything you could do using a tampon with even more security, plus no waste.

Another thing I like about the DivaCup is you can easily "catch" the beginning of your cycle, because it doesn't absorb fluids you can insert it before your period starts, no more ruined panties. Since ditching my disposables over two years ago I have found my flow to be lighter, less cramping and general uncomfortableness, my menstrual cycle is actually shorter, I was going a solid 7 days and now I'm around 5.

And the best thing is, I can look forward to my periods, which I know sounds crazy, but it's true. I not only feel more comfortable I feel cleaner and freer, I can celebrate my womanhood. Not in a weird way, just in a way where I don't have to associate my period with something bad or horrid which our society typically does.

If you can get past thoughts ingrained by the environment around us you can step into a new world. The only reason I can understand women that complain about their periods is because I can remember what life was like before. However this isn't a period cure-all, I still get the breakouts, and cravings, and yes even some of the attitude, but the longer I use Lunapads and the DivaCup the more I like my period.

My daughter, who likes to imitate, will wear little mini pantyliners when she pretends to have her "blood" (as she calls it). I am able to teach my daughter that a period is a natural good thing, not just something to be endured but that there is meaning to it. And thankfully going from cloth diapers in infancy to Lunapads in maturity, she will never need to know the disposable." ~ Lis

Now here comes to really fun part!

We get to host a CONTEST for LunaPads.
Now this is a bit different than our past "giveaways."
The reason being is that we have a question that you have to answer in order to even qualify for the giveaway.

What you'll do is comment on this post... with the answer to the question below. If you answer correctly and we draw your name.. you win! If you answer incorrectly... you sadly wont win :-(
That's why its important to really search the Luna Pad website for the correct answer. Sound fun? :-)

And what are you playing for?

A LunaPads : Pad & Panty Liner INTRO Kit! This is a $54.99 value!
Heres what it'll include...

Contains: 1 Maxi Pad, 1 Maxi Liner, 1 Maxi Wing Liner, 1 Mini Pad, 1 Mini Liner, 1 Mini Wing Liner, 1 Mini Pantyliner and 1 Teeny Pantyliner, all conveniently packaged in a bonus small mesh laundry bag. Also includes bonus washable nylon carrying pouch.

Now heres the question..

"what are the names of the owners’ 3 children?"

The answer to this question is on the LunaPads website!
Please be honest when finding the answer to this. We are trusting everyone finds it on their own.. rather than cheating off another bloggers answer. This is a fun way for us to do a contest... and we hope you all do it honestly :-)

This contest will go on for exactly two weeks. So it ends April 30th!
Feel free to use our very special coupon...

(This is case sensitive.. so enter it exactly like its shown above)

This coupon will give you 10% off any $60.00 purchase and up.
It is valid until June 30th

If you love Luna Pads already check out all the fun bottons they offer for advertising with.

Thank you Luna Pads! and we cant wait to see who wins this fantastic contest.


  1. Ha! I'm the first one to get in on this... The answer is Aiden, Genevieve, and Garret.

    How is this going to work though... now everyone can see my answer and they won't have to do the work themselves. Oh well, it was fun! I hope I win!

  2. I just have a question-I DON"T wear pads except at night! Is the diva cup huge- it looks way larger around than a super tampon....and since its plastic can it cut you?

  3. Suzanne has 2 kids: Aiden and Garret

    Madeleine has 1: Genevieve

    I really like this prize...hope I win!

  4. Stacey, its just for fun. We're hoping people go look for the answer and not cheat. I may include that in the post ;-)

  5. Aiden, Genevieve and Garret.

    This is a really great giveaway. =)

  6. My sister uses these and she is always singing their praises. I would really hope to win so that I could use them as well! I cloth diaper so its the kind of thing I would be sure to use.

    Oh and I almost forgot, the kids names are Genevieve, Garret and Aiden.

  7. I LOVE!!! the Diva cup I still need to try the luna pads though. I'm trying to get all my sisters to use the Diva cup. the names are: Aiden, Genevieve, and Garret.

  8. The kids names are Aiden, Genevieve, and Garret.

    I would interested in trying this!

  9. I would be interested in trying these.
    The kids names are Aiden, Genevieve and Garret.

  10. jerbecca--the Diva Cup is made of silicon, and is soft and flexible. There are NO sharp edges at all. I've never used tampons, so I can't compare them size-wise, but, even though I've never used tampons, I have never had a problem using the Diva Cup. I hope that helps! I really like it, and use it with cloth pads.

  11. The kids are Aiden, Genevieve, and Garret.

    I am interested in trying these. A little unsure of them but very open minded. They look much better than disposable and I'm all for more comfort.

  12. Hey, the kidos names are Aiden, Garret and Genivieve. FYI I actually did read everything =-)!
    I was very sceptical prior to reading this review, now I'm up for trying it...thanks Drea. Sign me up!

  13. The names are Genevieve, Garret & Aiden.
    This sounds interesting, so hey it's worth a try right?!

    Thanks again for the great contest!

  14. I love the Diva Cup and no more tampons. I got mine at South Coast Shopping for $16.99 and received it in 2 days. I'm very happy with it and does not leak!

  15. Found the names too :)
    Madeleine’s daughter is Genevieve
    and Suzanne’s sons are Aiden and Garret.

    Great idea to try these pads!
    Thank you,


  16. Aiden, Garret, and Genevieve
    I would love to ditch my disposables!!

  17. My husband may think I'm crazy for this, but I think they sound great! Sign me up for the giveaway!!

    Kids names: Aiden, Genevieve & Garret

  18. I would like to try this out - could be interesting and I'm all for reducing waste. Liking my period would be an awesome benefit! And they are a Canadian company it sound like from the blog. (Interesting blog of theirs, BTW.)
    The names of the kiddos are Aiden and Garret for Suzanne, and Genevieve for Madeleine (though on the blog I discovered that she does call her Gigi.)

  19. The names of the three kids are: Aiden, Genevieve, and Garret. :) I think I'd like to try this out as well...I've been looking at them for a while now, but haven't been brave enough to buy any. Of course, I won't need them while I'm pregnant now anyways...

  20. Aiden, Genevieve and Garret.

    Interesting fact.. Suzanne's son's name is Aiden. He was born July 8. My name is Suzanne.. also born, July 8.

    Pretty cool?

    Oh.. I love these! I've been wanting to try them, however too cowardly (and poor) to afford them. I just got the Mirena put in, so these would be great for me. If they are as wonderful as they look, I'll purchase them for my 5 daughters, (two of them that have already started their menses), and we will all use them!

    Great giveaway!

  21. Great post!!! ive been using a diva cup myself & absolutly love it!!! so much better than yucky disposables (& sorry if TMI - but no nasty thrush side effects!!!)

  22. oops, i forgot to enter the contest! the answer is: Genevieve, Aiden & Garret

    looks like a fab giveaway - my fav one yet - PICK ME!!! :D

  23. The kiddos names are Aiden, Genevieve & Garret. I would love to give these a try!!

  24. The owners' children's names are: Garret, Aiden, and Genevieve.

    Thanks for a chance to win! Lunapads fabrics are stinkin' cute!!!

  25. Aiden, Genevieve and Garret

    I would LOVE to try these, I hope I win!

  26. Answer:
    Aiden, Genevieve & Garret!
    I will probably try this out even if I don't win. Although, I've been pregnant or nursing for the last 4 years, may not get to use them much!

  27. Garret, Genevieve and Aiden. I think this is a great give away. (Good idea with going to the site to find some answers!)

  28. Aiden, Genevieve, and Garret.
    I love cloth pads! They are so the way to go.

  29. Sign me up! I'd love to win this prize!! The answer is Aiden, Genevieve, and Garret.
    Thanks, Monique
    (mnlefty at gmail dot com)

  30. Aiden, Garret, and Genevieve are their names. I have considered switching over for some time now, and this would be a great way to try it out without all the investment. thanks!

  31. The kids' names are Aiden, Genevieve, and Garret.

    Sounds like a great product!

  32. Kids names are
    Aiden, Genevieve and Garret
    I have always wanted to try these.

  33. Genevieve, Garret, and Aiden are the 3 kids names. Ok, I was like "no way" when I started reading this, but I think I would like to try it. I really hope to win!

  34. Aiden Genevieve and Garret. For some reason after I had my baby, I just couldn't go back to using tampons. These sound like something I should try. Thanks for the useful information.

  35. Aiden, Genevieve, Garrett

    I've been using Instead/Diva/Luna for 3 years now and LOVE them. Though, I am definitely needing to refresh my supply!

  36. I found it on their blog! Aiden, Genevieve and Garret

    ~amy watson

  37. :-D ::BIG CHEESEY GRIN::

    Can I enter? lol

    Well IF I can then the kids names are Aiden, Genevieve, & Garret!!!!

  38. I also found it on the site.

    "what are the names of the owners’ 3 children?"

    Aiden and Garrett belong to Suzanna and Genevieve belongs to Madeleine =)

    I've always hated my period so this might be a better alternative to helping me change my mind.



  39. Aiden, Genevieve, and Garret. Not sure really what to think like you said. I'm willing to try. Hope is win.

  40. Pick me! Pick me!

    The owners' 3 kids' names are:

    Aiden, Genevieve, and Garret

  41. Ok. My first thought was EW GROSS. But I am really trying to get green (er) and would def. give it a try. It beats leaving in a tampon again. The answer is to the question is Aiden, Genevieve and Garret

  42. The kids names are Genevieve, Garret and Aiden.

    Great stuff. :)

  43. Suzanne has 2 (Aiden (July 8, 2002) and Garret (August 28, 2006)) and Madeline has 1 (Genevieve (April 10, 2005)).


  44. I am surprised that I actually want this giveaway. The review was convincing!
    Kids - Aiden, Genevieve & Garret

  45. The kids' names are Aiden, Genevieve, and Garret. And I really did go and find their names...and spend a lot of time looking around! So interesting - I might just have to use that 10% off if I don't win! Thanks so much!


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