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Lovey Bags - Best Cloth Diapering, Diaper Bag!

When you cloth diaper there comes times when you have to carry soiled diapers in your diaper bag.

This isnt really a problem for most moms who own WET BAGS. These are very popular among cloth diapering parents... they are water proof bags that help to hold any wet or soiled item. You can buy these now in a variety of fun prints from all sorts of online stores.

The thing is... even with a good wet bag it seems the actual DIAPER BAG gets stinky after time (or stained). I have a good number of diaper bags and very few of them allow you to wash them completely intact in a washer. I have a really expensive JP Lizzy tote bag that I LOVE... not only because of how it looks but it just functions really well. The problem I have with it is I am scared to wash it... not only because it doesnt look washable... but I think it would loose its great shape after a trip in the washer. (it has yet to be washed to this day)

Now though I have a great option for those days I know will be spent cramming everything stinky into my bag.

The option is a LOVEY BAG.Lovey Bags 2

These Lovey Bags are great! They are made especially for cloth diapering parents. They were built to with stand the stink of many cloth diapers :-) as well as function as a great all around bag.

The Lovey Bag is a tote style bag with a longer strap. This makes it easy to carry even with a baby on your hip. Im not sure if they purposely did this... but im glad they did. It works so well when wearing my youngest Taite in a ring sling. The bag sits nicely on my shoulder under his bottom.

The best thing about this bag is its completely washable! You can throw the entire thing into a washer with regular clothes and have no problems with it getting ruined.

The other day I had a very wet diaper in it... and even though it was in a wet bag it really made the bag stink! (Taite is notorious for stinky pee). I took all the nick-nacks out of the bag (aka the stuff) and tossed it in the wash.

It came out of the wash perfect... I threw it into the dryer (yes a dryer!) and it looks just as new today as it did when I opened the package.

Lovey Bags

Lovey bags have 4 interior pockets. Large enough to hold bottles, sippy cups or a handful of diapers. It has two exterior pockets that hold bottles/sippys as well.
It also has one larger pocket on the front of the bag. This holds my wallet perfectly.. as well as my cell phone and such. The bag closes with a snap rather than velcro or a tie. This works great especially with washing.. velcro and ties can get ruined
with multiple washes. The front pocket also has a snap.

Lovey Bags 1Lovey bags also come with matching wet bags and changing pads!

These are beautifully sewn and a wonderful addition to any mama who loves diaper bags.

The only con I have is that my pattern wasnt my 1st choice :-)
It is a bit bright for my taste (im more of an earthy tone gal). But it is still a fun bag.. and I plan to use it althroughout the summer. If anything its very summer-ish ;-)

If I have another baby I will for sure look into purchasing another .. something more for fall :-)

Feel free to use the coupon code: DREA for 10% off your purchase (only valid through May 1st!)

Lovey Bags also sell a lot of cloth diapers as well... not just bags.

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  1. Ooh, I like the look and sound of these! I'm off to check them out--it would be nice to not have to sew a diaper bag myself!

  2. wow they look fantastic! i just went to their site to check them out - very nice! i love some of the cloth diaper systems they have their too, might have to wait till i have some spare paid post money & then go shopping there! thanks :D

  3. these look great, but I found a great solution to the stinky diaper bag issue and that is this bag organizer called the Pouchmiss http://www.pouchmiss.com/home.html . It has been designed with new moms in mind, and you can just slip it out of your purse and into the wash when it gets dirty or stinky!


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