Monday, April 28, 2008

Up and coming...

Simple is going to be remodeled soon.
With the demands of a busy life.. I have added a few new mommys to our simple team ;-)
They are...

(a young hip mama of a precious baby boy named Tate.. and praying for a 2nd any day! She is also a cloth diapering mother, babywearer... and oh so beautiful!)

(A fresh and aspiring photographer like myself.. who has a wonderful business established. Mother of a spunky lil man named Ethan.. and like the rest of us moms.. she is also a cloth diapering mom!)

Last but not least..

Kelsey *Lis' SIL*
(A busy mother of 2 active girls.. preggo with a 3rd! *most likely girl haha*, and also a cloth diapering/babywearer. I dont know much more about her.. but Im sure we will soon! Lis knows her more so than myself hehe)

Reviews may slow down for a bit as we remodel... but as soon as its up we will be packed full of them! as well as some fun new giveaways. Check back! :-)

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  1. Sounds like fun! Both links took me to the same blog though...


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