Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hautes One Size Pocket Diaper

I know all you cloth diapering moms and soon to be moms love hearing these reviews.

Cloth Diapers are the new craze these days! They are being featured in hot magazines like Baby Talk as well as diapers.com. Cloth diapers are a must for any eco-mama and baby.

The problem is there are so many to choose from!
I hope with our reviews we can help you all out... giving honest opinions.

I got the chance to test both the Velcro Hautes One Size Pocket Diapers as well as the SNAPS version.

IMG_8216-1My opinion.

Great fitting. I found these to be a great fit for my baby. They are similar in shape to the Bum Genius. I would say a bit smaller though. So if you do have a thinner baby these may work better for you.

I found that they stuffed easily.. were very soft inside... and the outter covering was very comparable to Bum Genius. (Incase you didnt know I use mostly BumGenius Cloth Diapers)

The diaper is easily resized with SNAPS. This means it can fit a baby starting from 8lbs-32lbs. Also unlike the BumGenius you dont have to unstuff these diapers before washing. The way they are made the inserts will work its way out during washing. So that was a huge pro for me. I dislike pulling out stinky inserts.

The Cons to this diaper...

1. The Velcro version snags during washing. I tried washing it many times and almost always the velcro would snag a bum genius diaper or another diaper in the load...

That really was the only con I found. I had no other problems with wicking or the snaps coming undone.

The Snap Version I found was better overall. It worked just as well yet had no snagging issues. So If I wanted more Hautes I would buy it in snaps.

Now! To give you two opinions here is Elizabeth with her review on the Hautes VELCRO version...

"These diapers are great fitting! Terri is 21 months old and is pretty petite and this diaper is very slim and not at all bulky.

I would prefer the snap over hook and loop closures. The velcro tabs don't stay together very well. Even when "pushed" together, after just a short while I have to re-do the velcro. The velcro tends to come away from the laundry tab and catches other diapers.

I don't take the liners out when I throw them in the wash, but they come free on their own and clean up great. even after a "sick poopey" accident.

They do cause dampness on her jammies if used at night. I think that comes from the new "breathable" fabric.

The fleece is very soft, the liners are also very absorbent, and they are so easy to put together.

Overall I think the new Hautes are good diapers. "

If you would like to check out all the fun Hautes Pockets COLORS. Check out their new home at Nicki's Diapers!

Posted by Drea and Elizabeth

Just in..

Nicki from Nicki's Diapers emailed me this

Just a heads up about the Haute Pockets - they are coming out in the tradtional PUL fabric so no more wicking plus the snap version has been resized to go up to 35 lbs. The new Haute Pockets Traditional should be available sometime this summer."


  1. There are sooo many choices when it comes to CD's! I have heard a lot of good things about Bum Genius, though!

  2. Ive got a couple of Haute's in my stash. I find them really good for the age jets at now (16 months) but i didnt find them very good when he was a newborn. the bum genious seem to have a much better "one size" fit.

    having said that i love that they have snaps, i find the velcro on the bum genious a bit of a pain, it comes open way to easily, mine wont even stay on anymore the velcro even comes undone under clothes. that & i find their special tab system can actually cause nappy leaks.

    im not really a fan of microfibre inserts either, jets such a heavy wetter that the nappies start leaking after 1-2 hours if theres no hemp/bamboo in there. I would never use a haute overnight no matter what it was stuffed with. theres a fab aussie brand called baby beehind that make some pretty affordable bamboo fitted nappies that are fantastic for nights (they are one size too).

    Anyway, thats my 2c :D

  3. Thanks for the review, can't wait to see what you guys check out next! I am swimming in a sea of cloth diaper choices and thankfully you guys are here to do some of the dirty work. I especially like that 2 of you reviewed the same brand diaper, it is so great to hear more opinions.

    Keep em' coming!

  4. I am totally getting a few of these....I am a bumGenius mama, but these are good. I love the chocolate color...I am so getting that one...LOL Thanks for the review. I have a few bumGenius that do not stay velcroed(sp?) etiher. But I love the new 3.0 bumGenius.

  5. I've just decided to start cloth diapering my 21month old. She's no current interest in potty training, and I'm sure she'll have a little sibling in the future. She's around 27lbs, and I was thinking of using bum-genious 3.0. If you were starting out, what would you choose? She's more on the healthy sid than the thin side. I'd appreciate any info. Thanks for showing me there's more than one way to cloth diaper!

  6. Hi Annaleigh,
    Sorry for taking so long to reply. If I was in your shoes Id just get a few bum genius maybe.. but if shes going to start potty training soon you may like a pull on style cover with a fitted diaper under it. www.weeones.biz has the best PULL ON pul-covers. I LOVE THEM!! great for potty training. You could use that with a fitted bamboo diaper or something under it.. then once she starts potty training you can still use the cover over top of undies. Works great.

    Hope that helps.

  7. hi Drea,
    I've been using fuzzibunz cloth diapers and also have a bumgenius...but have always had problems with leaking around the back of my son's legs!! Do you find that as well?? or how often do you change Taite's diapers?


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