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FRUBI Shades Review and Giveaway...

Sorry my baby wasn't participating in the pictures so the FRUBI Shades look a little crooked on him!!

A couple months ago I came accross a new(to me) line of shades for babies and young kids, called FRUBI Shades. The first thing that attracted me to them was that they were soft all around and they seemed safer than the harder plastic material like BabyBanz.
Coming from work as an optician before Tate was born, I really wanted my babies eyes protected. SO many people are completely unaware of how dangerous UVA/UVB rays can be on our precious babies' eyes.

When I saw these and read about the science behind these shades, I knew I'd want them for Tate! They looked so much more comfortable than the ones he has! I tried them and it took several times for me to get Tate to keep them on. He used to do really well, but as he's getting older, he pulls at them more. But after several tries, he's an old pro at wearing sunglasses! They have a how-to guide on getting your kids to wear them here.
We are REALLY loving them! It feels so good to know that Tate's eyes are being protected! I always always always protect my eyes, because I have seen so much macular degeneration and such in optometrists offices...So I naturally wanted to do the same when I had a baby of my own. Some people may wonder why our kids need sunglasses- I have provided a quote from FRUBI's website here:

"Kids sunglasses are necessary!
NEW Patented FRUBI SHADES® with the ULTRAGUARD POLYCARBONATE® lens offer serious (maximum) protection for the eyes of the children you love!
Why do I need sunglasses for my child? Eyes Get Sunburned, too! Children also find squinting uncomfortableThe human eye is 10 times more sensitive to harmful UV rays than your skin. Yet how many of us consider sunglasses for our children a necessity, like using sunscreen? Not many!As we age, our natural lens becomes more protective. Until then, children's eyes need all the protection they can get!"

The founders of FRUBI are very involved in a campaign called "Protect Their Eyes". They want to get the message out their that childrens eyes get sunburned too, and have donated thousands of sunglasses to several childrens orginazations.. Here is a little more about that...

"Protect Their Eyes Campaign
Won't you join us?
Please pass the word to everyone you know that eyes get sunburned too! Maybe you didn’t know that, but it’s true!

Babies’ and children’s eyes are even more sensitive to the sun than yours so they need sunglass protection even more.

Did you know that sunshine has been linked to macular degeneration, eyelid cancer, cataracts, pterygium and keratitis? Did you know that these are only some of the diseases and that sun damage to the eyes is cumulative and starts early? Did you know that babies’ eyes are less able to filter out UV rays than adults? Did you know that most sunglasses don’t filter out blue light or have enough frame protection to prevent rays from squeezing through to the eyes? If you didn’t know this information we understand. Most people don’t. That’s why we really need your help.

Start children when they are young with this beneficial habit of wearing sunglasses and they will learn to protect their eyes for the rest of their lives. It’s time we all worked together to make everyone aware of the damaging effects of the sun on our eyes. Support the PROTECT THEIR EYES Campaign and spread the word. Together we can make a difference!

Thank you,

Gary, Renee & Frubi"

Okay, on to oy favorite thing about these shades(second to the protection to Tate's eyes)!!! THey are TOO cute and come in all sorts of colors and designs. The ones I got are Camoflague and OH SO CUTE! But they come in lots of designs, like cheetah print, pink camo, baseballs, pinks, blues, etc. I also have the skull and crossbones..They're too cute!

The wonderful people at FRUBI would like to offer a special coupon to our readers. It is a buy two get one free deal! This is great because FRUBI's are very reasonably priced! They're only $9.99 a pair! Can't beat that! So the coupon code is: SIMPLEFREE
Again, when you buy two pair, you get one pair free. This runs through May and June!
Also, they are offering one of our readers a free pair of FRUBI Shades as well..All you have to do is leave your name on the Mr.Linky down below. If you blog, write a post about this giveaway and come back and enter your name again...You'll be entered twice.Good luck- I know you'll love them, your baby as well!! Whoever wins can tell me which design you would like!!

The winner will be randomly chosen on Wednesday, May 28th!

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  1. how cute!! i may have to get some because its so sunny here and we are out A LOT. i never wore glasses as a child and I can tell my eyes dont dilate right or something because im almost blind at night on the road.. ive run over so many mediums its scary!

  2. How cute these are on your model! They sound like they work and are comfortable. With children, they won't stay on long if they aren't easy to wear! My dad has macular degeneration. There is a new kind of treatment for it ( not a cure ), a stabilizer. Dad is going through the eye shots. Please enter me in your delightful drawing. Many thanks,

  3. I never even thought of eye damage to child. Thank you for the info and the glasses are so cute. I've been looking for some for my guys, its hard to find cute ones.

  4. I have been looking for some great shades for my kids for a while now, and these look really durable and an item that would be money well spent. If I don't win the giveaway, I might just buy a pair!

  5. Count me in


  6. This FRUBI Shades Review and Giveaway has been featured on Sweepstakes Advantage, The Web's Largest Directory of Free Online Sweepstakes. Good Luck to Everyone!

  7. These are adorable! I've had such a hard time finding sunglasses for my daughter!

  8. wow thay are realy cute and i would love to try to win a pair for my little one thanks

  9. These are the cutest shades,I have two small grandsons who could benefit from these,so please count me in too,thanks so much

  10. I used to work for an optometrist and am always concerned for my girl's eye-safety. These would be great!

  11. The shades sound great! My eyes can't take the sun and I think my little one is going to have the same problem.

  12. These shades sound great! My eyes can't take the sun and I fear my little one is going to have the same problem.

  13. Those are so cute. I might just have to go buy some for my kids. Thanks katie_mmartin at yahoo dot com

  14. I would love these for our baby - too cute! And, they look like much better quality than the other pair I have for my older child.

    jocelyn dot compton at gmail dot com

  15. my nephew is a babe from fl...needs shades like these..thanks
    3beez at bellsouth dot net

  16. Very cute! I would love these for my ds!

  17. I didn't have a URL to leave with Mr. Linky, but I hope you'll enter me in your contest. I've been "eyeing" Frubi shades for a while now and wish I could buy them locally. Thanks!

    emhagedon at gmail

  18. very needed we have to shade our eyes when the sunshine comes here in Seattle

  19. How great are these!? Would love to win!

  20. Why didn't they have these when my kids were little?
    I would love to win my grandson the
    Frubi® Shades Camouflage Green Kids Sunglasses.
    I live in Florida so when visiting they sure need these.
    Thank you for giving me a chance to win some much needed protection from the sun for my grandson..

  21. I'd love a pair of those! What a smart idea!


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