Monday, May 12, 2008

Growth Graph Review/Giveaway

The other day I took photographs for a friend of mine. She has twins... Her twins are 4 months younger than my youngest son Taite. I didn't think there would be much difference in height between her babies and my own... but when we got together I was just amazed at how much taller my son was compared to her twins! In just 4 months he shot up inches it seemed.


Babies grow up so fast..
You bring them home as these fragile little bundles.. and in weeks they seem to be twice as big... and twice as long.

I always enjoy getting my children measured and keeping track of how much they've grown each year.. but because we don't vaccinate we rarely do this any more. I think Taite went to the Dr. twice in the 1st year of his life... so I have no clue how tall he was at 5 months... or 9 months.

Now though with this very well organized Growth Graph I am able to not only keep track of their height... but other things. The graph is very "plain" and allows you to customize it the way you'd like. It comes with fun stickers with sayings like "First Tooth" , "Standing Up", etc...

The paper isnt your typical poster board either.. Heres a snippet off the website explaining what the paper is like..

"The paper used for the GrowthGraph poster is a type of Banner Polyproplyene. The type of Polypropylene used is a plastic paper with a thin film covering the face which allows it to absorb ink. Light, nearly unrippable, and cleanable, this paper will ensure this gift will last a lifetime."

The Ink...
"HP vivera inks provide light-fade resistance and superior colour."

The Stickers
"The sticker sheets are printed on a tough vinyl matte(non-shiny), which will last for years without fading or falling off."

Growth Graph 1The only CONS I have for this product was the fact it was only meant to graph one child. I have two.. and would rather not have TWO graphs hanging up :-) so that was kind of a bummer! BUT! I just listed both my children with two separate colors... Caleb in green, Taite in orange. This way I can graph both of them.

The Graph has a fun spot up top for a photograph of the child. I put a photograph of both my boys :-)

The Graph fit perfectly on the back of their bedroom door.

I cant wait to fill up our graph so Caleb can see for himself how quickly he grows. I think it will be really neat to compare the height differences between the two.

Want one?
We get to giveaway one!

To win one of these beautiful graphs simply sign mr. linky below.
If you'd like to be entered TWICE write a blog linking back to this giveaway as well as linking to Growth Graph.

Come back.. Sign mr. linky again w/ a direct link to the post.
If you don't blog just leave us a "valid" email address so we can contact you.

Giveaway ends May 19th

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  1. what a super fun chart...I would love to win this one!!

  2. Cool giveaway... I blogged about it on my contests page. :) Thanks.

  3. wow, so meaningful.. i would love to have it one

  4. Great idea! I think everyone needs one of those charts.

  5. Ok, so I have always been meaning to get some sort of growth chart for my sons room so we can mark both their hieghts and still have yet to do it so this is PERFECT!! I actually like that it is very graphic vs. your typical giraffe or animal "ruler type". I would have to do the same with two colors but that is fine with me! Thanks for posting! :)

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  7. Count me in


  8. Great chart! Would love it. Thanks.


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