Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kiki's Fashions Maternity Clothes Review

At 5'11" most would consider me a tall women, in fact I have found it difficult to find shirts that cover my torso in general, adding a round belly makes it even more difficult. I've found some brands will just get wider in larger sizes but still won't cover the length of my torso. At Kiki's Fashions I found maternity shirts that are not only cute and trendy but also that get longer with larger sizes to cover my belly.

This yellow flower maternity short sleeve shirt is a great fit. It is 95% polyester and 5% spandex so it is fitted to your belly showing off as you grow and also makes it very nice for hot days. However I found that I prefer wearing an undershirt due to how thin the material is.
Buy it: Kiki's Fashions also carries tank tops, transitional, bottoms, and dresses in addition to short sleeves. They have a clearance section as well as a $9.99 shirt special that is all day everyday. The yellow flower shirt is $17.99. Free shipping is offered to domestic orders over $75.

Please note
Kiki's Fashions brands tend to run slightly smaller than standard maternity brands.

Use coupon code: SIMPLE for 15% off entire order at Kiki's Fashions. Not valid with any other promotion.

Posted by: Kelsey

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  1. These pictures make the shirt look beautiful! $9.99 sale - wow - I should tell my expecting friends!


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