Sunday, May 4, 2008

Think and Thrive

About 2 months ago I was sent a set of blocks called "THINK BLOCKS." When I 1st saw them I was very confused :-) but really the idea of the think blocks is very simple.

My children of course I found are a bit to young for think blocks. With the exception of stacking... and sticking them in their mouths :-) they really couldn't benefit much from them as of now. This has made it a little hard for me to review this product.

I know they say these can be used as young as age 3.. and I believe it.. as far as showing size differences and so on. But my son Caleb has about as much interest in learning with these blocks as he does brushing his teeth :-) He just isn't into this yet.

BUT! I look forward to the day he is.. because I do think you can teach some fun concepts with the blocks.

Instead of trying to explain to you all how these work... I thought I would post a video the company has made explaining how "THINK BLOCKS" work...They do a much better job than I ever would.

To read what the experts say check out this page. They also have lots of guided tours teaching you how to use these blocks.

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