Thursday, May 1, 2008

A chip you wont regret eating!

About 2 weeks ago a company emailed me about doing a review on a healthy version of the potato chip. At 1st I thought to myself it probably wouldn't taste worth eating..... but I was excited to try them.

We got to try 4 different flavors. 2 of the fruit ones. 2 of the potato ones...

They are fantastic!
Now let me be frank here. If you are use to greasy fatty lays chips, adjusting to these may take a bit. In my opinion they taste great.. but this is also coming from a woman who enjoys healthier foods. Some people actually LIKE that greasy texture and taste to a chip. So for those few it may not be the same. My husband tried them though (he loves the fatty chips ) and his words were "not to bad!" :-)

But in all honesty this chip taste great and you will never feel guilty eating them.
You can view all the nutritional information here.

To help you realize though HOW MUCH BETTER these chips are for you than the classic potato chip.. here are a few numbers for you.

LAYS classic potato Chips - 15 chips (1 oz) - 10 grams of TOTAL fat - 1.0 grams of Saturated fat - 150 Calories (yikes!) - 90 of those calories comes from fat.... tisk tisk tisk... and the ingredients are - Potatoes, sunflower oil, and/or corn oil and salt. LOTS OF OILS.

Now some of you may be like me and enjoy a more multi grain chip.. such as sun chips. Healthier right?... maybe a tiny bit.. but check this out...

Sun Chips Original MultiGrain Chips - 16 chips (1 oz) - 6.0 grams of Total fat - 1.0 grams Saturated fat - 140 calories - 50 of those calories comes from fat. Ingredients - whole corn, sunflower oil, whole wheat, rice flour, whole oat flour, sugar and salt. So not only are you getting lots of sugar but you also get lots of fat from these "so called healthier chip"

I go to subway often and when I do I normally get a bag of the sunchips. From now on though if I have some of the Brothers All Natural Chips in stock.. ill bring my own bag of potato chips :-)

Now lets look at Brothers All Natural Original Potato Chip information...

1 Bag (.42 oz)
Total Fat: ZERO
Saturated Fat: ZERO
Calories: 35!!
Calories from Fat: ZERO Ingredients: FRESH potatoes and sea salt (other variety's do have a few more ingredients but all of them are good. For example I enjoyed the garlic/onion one.. and the only extra ingredients it had were fresh garlic and fresh onions.)

That in itself speaks volumes about this product.
With my sons special diet he is on (not to loose weight, its a low sugar diet) .. one of the things he shouldn't eat are any bagged potato chip... but now he can!

I will admit... out of all of us... Burger liked them the best :-) he ate an entire bag of the FUJI Apple crisp the other day... and wanted more when it was gone.

These chips arent sold at any store in my town :-( ... sadly... but my mom does live near a whole foods store that sells them. I'll get stocked up through her.

We would like to give one of our readers a chance to win a 4 pack of these yummy chips.
This will include TWO of the fruit kind and TWO of the potato kind.

To sign up just fill out Mr. Linky below! (If you blog link to your blog.. if you don't blog just leave us a valid email). We randomly draw our winners...

Learn more HERE
Giveaway ends May 9th



  1. Great review!
    I'll have to keep my eyes open for these.
    One quick note: The text on the page I load is black against the dark brown background. Maybe it is my computer, but if not it might be good to pick a different text colour.

    Love all of the new site changes!

  2. They sound great! I'd love to try them. The closest Whole Foods to us is an hour away. :( I hope we get one in the near future!

  3. These sound yummy. I'm always looking for more nutritious food options.

  4. SOund great and I am always looking for heathy foods to try with my son.


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