Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tie One On - with a Lovey Duds baby wrap

It’s that time of year again. Spring has sprung and I’m ready to venture out of the cave I’ve been hiding in all of these cold winter months. I want to go to the park, enjoy long walks, and attend every free concert and festival my city has to offer.

Having a wildly active 3 year old and a baby who hasn’t mastered walking yet can get tricky when venturing out in public. I have found that wrapping baby up is the best option for success. I can keep up with and play with my preschooler, as well as carry around the little one hand free.

I’ve tried out a lot of different baby carriers in my day. I just discovered the Lovey Duds Tie One On baby wrap. The Lovey Duds wrap is one size fits all….no sizing, so it can be worn by both mom and dad. I love it because it distributes baby’s weight throughout your whole back, avoiding sore hips and shoulders. Because it so comfortable, I can really wear my daughter a long time without getting tired.

The Tie One On baby wrap is different from other baby wraps on the market. In addition to the lightweight stretchy cotton wrap fabric, it has a non stretchy center panel that is not only beautiful, but adds additional support and structure to the wrap and helps maintain it’s shape. This feature is great for 2 reasons. First, as your baby grows and becomes heavier, the wrap won’t stretch or sag too much, providing more stability and support. Secondly, you can choose from over 90 different center panel fabrics, truly designing it to fit your personal style. Also, coming soon for all you green mama’s out there….Organic Bamboo baby wraps! Look for these eco-chic items being introduced soon.

Don't be intimidated by all the fancy wraping technique either. All Lovey Duds wrap comes with an easy to understand instructional DVD to help you along the way.

Buy it! Lovey Duds Tie One On wraps {$40.00} can be purchase at Lovey Duds online baby boutique. In addition to baby wraps, Dawn has a lovely selection of nursing covers, baby wipe cases, blankets and pillows.

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  1. Beautiful wraps! they look so cozy.

  2. I love all the different fabrics they offer. I don't have one but bought one for my sister-in-law. I think I may have to buy one with the next one.

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