Thursday, June 12, 2008

Eco-Cloth (chemical free cleaning)

There is no better microfiber in the World than EcoCloth, perfect cleaning with just water.

Yep you read right...NO CHEMICALS....JUST WATER. I can clean almost every single surface in my house with these two cloths!!!! —no streaks, no smears. THE DAY I RECEIVED my Eco Cleaning pack (w/ the general purpose cleaning cloth and the glass polishing cloth) I PROMISE YOU I wore my arms out! I cleaned every single possible hard/flat surface in my house. The second day I had these cloths I did the OUTSIDE of all my windows.

This perfect gift for people with chemical sensitivities, allergies, respiratory ailments, auto-immune deficiencies or susceptible groups like the elderly, children or expectant mothers. EcoCloth significantly reduces the amount of chemicals in our environment (up to 90% of all household chemicals can be eliminated using EcoCloth) Health risks are significantly reduced!! Why put a chemical on just to wipe it back off? You can do a better job of cleaning with NO products at all! We have officially SAID GOOD BYE TO WINDEX! ;-)

EcoCloth® is the best performing, most durable cleaning on the market today without being the most expensive.

Buy It: You can have your choice of the general purpose Eco-Cloth or the glass polishing Eco-Cloth both for $9.98 each with FREE SHIPPING...OR you can save $2.00 and buy the Kitchen Pack (containing both cloths) for only $17.98! (with FREE SHIPPING!!)

[Mason and Terris babbling Mama]

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  1. Awesome! I'm having a Norwex party next Friday, and hope to earn myself some great cloths.


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