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A few weeks ago we took Tate on his second beach trip! It was the first time he was able to get in the pool much though because last year he was just a month or so old. Since I use cloth diapers I naturally decided to go with a cloth swim diaper. I had come across a great online store called For the Monster several months ago. Gena sells cloth diapers, swim diapers, and several other baby products. I was immediately drawn to her store because Gena is a work at home mom, and we Simple ladies love supporting WAHM's!

Gena is such a sweet lady and got me this swim diaper right away! I really enjoy working with her and am in the market for some new diapers and a few more swim diapers so I will definately be buying some things from her soon!
The swim diaper that I received is an Imse Vimse Navy Sea Animal Swim Diaper. It works so well! My favorite thing about it is that there are snaps on the side for easy removal in case of an accident!

Not to mention it is OH SO CUTE! Tate looked SO adorable in this little diaper! Like baby Speedo's! Of course they come in boy, girl, and neutral prints! The are sized diapers so there is a size chart to help you choose which size your baby would wear.
Like all cloth diapers, these are better on the environment than disposables, and also a lot cheaper! You only need one, maybe two! Gena's prices are great!

Buy it: These swim diapers are only $13.50 a piece- lots cheaper than buying several packs of swim disposables all summer!
Free Shipping! Gena would like to offer Simple readers free shipping on her products! Just use coupon code: simplereviews

Make sure to check out For The Monster for all your little monster's cloth diapering needs!!

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  1. We use the swim diaper - exactly what you're reviewing here. I love it and we use it often. So much better than the little swimmers diaper things.


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