Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jack's Harvest Organic Baby Food

Jack's Harvest - frozen organic baby food

Jack's Harvest uses only the best quality seasonal organic produce, hand selected from local farmer's markets by Jack's mom, Heather. All of Jack's Harvest offerings are prepared in a pristine certified organic kitchen. It is Heather's "happy place."

As many know there are some moms that struggle with getting there children to eat. I am one of them. I was always reading online and books trying to figure out new recipes to come up with so my son, Ethan, would eat. I tried making my own food, I tried jar food. I tried so many different things.

I came across Jack's Harvest one day and decided to try this out. I was so excited that Ethan would possibly love this food. Granted he is 18 months old now, but I still wanted to try this. I got go bananas with cherry on top, butternut squash-ed apples with a smidge of sage, pearsnip with a dash of cinnamon and turmeric, veg out with potatoes and broccoli, and caul me a pear with a dash of cinnamon and turmeric. This was all part of the A Little Lumpy Jack Pack.

For once I was excited to feed Ethan. He tried the food and just loved it. His favorite is the bananas with cherry. And actually I tasted it too and it was pretty good if you ask me.

Jack's Harvest baby food is frozen in adorable heart-shaped cubes perfectly portioned to 1 oz. for So Smooth or 3 oz. for A Little Lumpy. 12 oz. of the flavor are then carefully packaged in a tamper resistant resealable bag ready for delivery to your door.

A Little Lumpy Jack Pack
Ideal for babies ready to explore new flavors. includes:
2 bags of go bananas with a cherry on top
2 bags of butternut squash-ed apples
2 bags of veg out with potatoes & broccoli
each a little lumpy bag contains: 4 - 3 oz. heart-shaped cubes (12 oz. total) for $35.99
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  1. This looks great, I'd love to get some for my 17 month old, and eventually for my 5 month old! Amazing idea


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