Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Honest Kids

The other day while at SAMS Club I came across the drinks juice baggies called "HONEST KIDS." What drew me to them was the big "organic" labeled slapped across it. :-)

I rarely buy organic juice because I cant afford it. Its really expensive! We also rarely buy juice boxes... for the same reason.

When I saw these though and the great price SAMS offered I couldnt resist.

I purchased a big tub full and my kids love them.

I believe I paid around $8.50 for a large box full. I forget how many but I think its over 24 juice boxes.

I tasted one a few minutes ago and just love the taste... so much more natural tasting than the minute maid or H-C drinks. It has a refreshing light taste.

I hope to contact Honest Beverages and see about giving away a few products. This was just one of those finds I couldnt help buy blog ;-)

Buy it: Find out what stores sell it in your area. They also have a nice organic tea line.


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  1. What is important about Honest Kids is not that it is organic, rather that is has NO CORN SYRUP. It is the best option out there for kids.


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