Sunday, June 1, 2008

Parking Pal Review & Giveaway

How many times have you been busy unbuckling your baby... and while in the process of pulling him or her out... your sneaky and FAST toddler is unbuckled.. out the door and in the road before you can even yell "STOP!"

Parking Pal ReviewSince Caleb has learned to unbuckle himself he has been notorious for getting out of the car and opening the car door.

Thankfully my Caleb is very cautious... and doesn't wonder into the road very often.. but I wont lie, it has happened. I correct him every time though and teach him the importance of obedience... and how going into the road is very dangerous without mommy.

I was asked by a wonderful mom and the inventor of the Parking Pal to try this product. Also a mother of young boys (3) she came up with a great solution to this very problem.

It is a simple product ... but it works!

I was skeptical at first. I didn't think my son would use it ... but he does. Not only does he use it, but he looks forward to using it. Each time I come to get him off the "parking pal" he will tell me "not yet!" because he thinks its really cool to put his hand onto the matching hand stuck to our car.

Win it: We get to giveaway two of these fun parking pals to two randomly drawn people. In order to enter simply sign Mr. Linky below linking us back to your blog. Don't blog? Just leave us a valid email address so we can contact you if you win. Want to be entered twice? Blog about this giveaway as well as link to the Parking Pal website. Then come back and sign Mr. Linky a 2nd time linking us to the direct blog post you wrote. UNIQUE POST PLEASE. Also if you have time leave us a comment letting Parking Pal know your favorite design. :-) I personally loved the dino one!

Buy it: Use the coupon code lilt-508 and you'll get free shipping! These parking pals are very affordable. For just under $8.00 you can own a product that will help protect your child from the dangers of a parking lot or road. They come in both neutral prints as well as boy/girl prints.



  1. I could really use one of these.

  2. I'm having fun looking around here, but this one sent up a red flag for me. Isn't there some danger here? When your car is outside in the sun, the metal can be terribly hot and I would imagine it could easily burn some tiny hands! I'd be afraid to buy this because of that alone.

  3. Miz Jean,
    I dont think theres any danger. The children using this are atleast 3 years and up. Caleb knows when he touches something if its hot and he would quickly let go if it was hot. So I am not fearful at all it burn him. That and plus the actual magnet isnt metal on top. Its a plastic material that doesnt retain the head like a metal car does.
    Trust me I used it this weekend and it was close to 90 and was fine.

  4. I've heard about these and I must say, I am curious. My sister has a son who likes to race off, this may help her control the little monkey . .

  5. hey it keeps them in one place while you unload your purse etc.
    safety #1
    3beez at bellsouth dot net

  6. Kaboom fireworks design,would be perfect for my grandsons summer birthday party,thanks

  7. I love these so much,I have 2 little grandsons an 2 more on the way,so im gonna need some help,I dont care what style or color,these are a blessing,thanks

  8. This sounds like a simple but really good idea to help protect our little ones.

  9. I like the AlphaPal Magnet



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