Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Rosie Hippo Wooden Wand Review

Little girls, particularly ones full of dramatics, love, I mean LOOOOVE wands. I know this to be true because my daughter (quite the drama queen) tells me it's so.

Rosie Hippo sells a couple different wands, a beautiful bubble wand, an awesome singing wand, and the one we play with, a wooden wand.

The wand has been useful in the casting of spells, and in the aid and direction of peasants, namely me. As a queen the wand is used as an extension of Providence's arm, to bring comfort or wrath to her subjects.

Buy it: You can purchase this pretty little wand at Rosie Hippo for $5.95, or shop around if your little ones head if filled with things other then princesses and fairies. You'll find something, they carry over 1,000 items for kids at fantastic prices.


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  1. how cute! I bet even a boy would like a wand... i mean harry potter.. is cool... right? :-)


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