Monday, June 23, 2008

The Strap is a Statement Piece!

DSCF0001-2A friend of mine gave me a beautiful old fashion Canon Camera strap. I loved every thing about the strap.

The extra wideness around the neck... the colors... the texture... everything! Except one thing...
It had metal clamps and had to be bent in order to even fit onto my canon camera body.

That artistic and beautiful strap would of been perfect... had it worked for my camera type.
I am big on accessories and believe the smallest item such as a snazzy pair of earrings.. or cute pair of flats can spruce up any persons entire appearance. Rather than forking out a lot of money on big items ... I believe the smaller items
are what really make a difference :-)

Priddy Creations Camera Strap Cover
For a photographer I wanted a beautiful strap to make my look stand out. Instead of a generic black canon SLR strap.. I wanted something to pop! That said "I'm a fashionable and unique Photographer".

I have found that something through a wonderful company called Priddy Creations. I found this company through etsy... but they also have a website where they sell as well.

Specializing in all sorts of beautifully hand crafted totes, purses, change purses, etc... but also wonderful camera strap covers!

This way you can put your cover onto any camera strap you own without purchasing more than one strap.

The strap covers can be custom made to fit your specific straps if needed.

I also love the fact I can wash mine if it gets dirty... after all necks are known to dirty things quickly if you sweat a lot.

The fabric is soft... and beautiful. I also love the extra wideness it gives to the strap. No more cutting into my neck.

Buy it: Either shop through the etsy store... or check out their online boutique at Use the coupon simple10pc for 10% off your order. You can use this coupon on either site.

Win it: Want one of these beautiful straps? Priddy is offering ONE of our readers the chance to win any strap of their choice. You can view her strap choices HERE.

To sign up simply sign MR LINKY below. Leave us a link to your blog. Don't blog? Just leave us a valid email address :-)

Also if you'd like to be entered TWICE go write a blog about THIS giveaway... as well as link to PRIDDY creations. Come back.. sign mr linky AGAIN... with the unique link to that post.

Winner will be drawn on July 1st.



  1. I love this idea! So perfect for accessorizing mamas! Thanksfor the info!

  2. I love this....I so HAVE to have one of these....=)

  3. uh oh.. I signed up twice!! And I don't have a blog... First it showed up with a :) beside my name, the second is my email address... sorry, you can go ahead and get rid of one of them!

  4. Those straps are super cute and I would love to win one :)

  5. This would make a perfect grad gift for a friend of mine. What a fantastic idea!

  6. That looks so cool and cute at the same time!! Love it!

  7. I love these! I take photos all the time because I'm a scrapbooker.


  8. Greetings! Her straps are lovely and look very comfortable to wear. I really like the "Light Green Mirror Dot!" I added myself to Mr. Linky, but forgot my email address. Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks, Cindi

  9. So comfy looking and such pretty fabrics:)

  10. great idea! another one of those "why didnt I think of that"?! functional and beautiful!

  11. I'm grabbing your button for my a dash of sassitude blog ( It will be under Linky Love and Sassy Places with Sassy Buttons. :)

    Love your site. :)

  12. what a great idea! they are all really nice. love the polka dot ones.

  13. Very nice. I love this idea. The are so much prettier than the ones that have been around forever that look like the are made from those ugly suspenders. These look alot more comfortble. Thanks for the contest!!

  14. I would LOVE to personalize my camera! Thanks for the opportunity!

  15. Love these straps, great way to *bling* out your camera a bit! :)


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