Saturday, August 2, 2008

Baby's First Year By Molly West Handbound Books

I have wanted to put together a baby book for my newly 1 year old daughter since before she was born, however with a digital camera and blogging I have found it has been postponed for far to long.

At Baby Sakes I found a wide variety of baby books to choose from as well as many other baby keepsakes. I've heard moms with boys wish they could find things as appealing for their little ones as effortlessly as we moms of girls can. Baby Sakes makes it easy for them because one of their cutest designs, in my opinion, is for a boys baby book.

I was delighted with how much I liked the design, feel, and overall idea of this baby book. It is broken up into three categories, pregnancy, childbirth, and baby's first year. Some of my favorites include the uniqueness of the outside and inside, acid free pages to prevent photo deterioration, firsts and favorites, and also a place to put her first lock of hair. My first daughter's baby book was purchased at a department store and does not have anywhere near the amount of nice things that this book has to offer.

Buy It: Baby's First Year Baby book - Rosebud on sale now for $44.95


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