Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The dish on Cascade vs. Electrasol

Recently I was asked to do a product comparison test on two similar dish detergents, Cascade Complete and Electrasol Advanced. I was advised to use both products, take some general notes, and let you all know how my results faired.

At first glance, they are similar products. Cascade complete claims to “clean so well, no pre-wash is needed”. Electrasol Advance, with it’s lemony scent and pretty yellow bottle, claims to have advanced sparkling power.

Off to my test lab, the kitchen full of dishes that is the bane of my existence. I used both products, and made some mental notes.

To be honest, on my everyday plates and bowls, both products cleaned pretty well, really no complaints. Both got all the food particles off, and the dishes for the most part looked well cleaned.

The main difference in these two products came when it came to my glass wear and stem wear. The Cascade Complete did a much better job making my glass sparkle and shine. The Electrasol “cleaned” my glasses, but left those pesky white soap spots behind.

In conclusion, before I did my little comparison study, I thought that dish soap was dish soap and to just use whatever was on sale.. Now, I’ve realized that there is a difference. I have since switched from being an Electrasol user to a Cascade Complete user.


the designher momma


  1. Cool...thanks for the expiriment!

    ps...the phrase is "Bane of my existence", by the way.

  2. ha! thanks hizzeather. fixed it. Can you believe that I even googled it to make sure I was saying it right?

    So I guess not everything on this here interweb is true...

  3. good to know. i use electrasol tabs but will now try the other.

  4. I swear the electrasol leaves my dishes dryer (those jet dry tabs) ! But I use whatever's on sale. :)


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