Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Essere Organics

Whenever a new friend of mine or family member announces they are pregnant... I immediately start to think of a unique gift I can get them.

I like to buy fun gifts that you can't find at a local walmart. I also like gifts that are organic or more environmentally friendly whenever possible. With all the BPA and lead scares w/ big branch toy companies these days; it just makes me feel better knowing the product is made well and certified non-toxic and safe.

Essere Organics is a wonderful and informative site to shop at, but even learn from. With their new blog you can learn lots of great eco-friendly tips and ideas.

Organic Stroller ToysThe items I got to check out were their soft and adorable Organic Stroller Toys. My boys are obviously past this stage... but these are going to make a fantastic gift for two pregnant Mama's I know :-)

These Stroller toys are buttery soft... Both made out of certified organic cotton. The Bunny is my favorite because the ears crinkle when touched. Babies love that!

Buy It
: Check out the wonderful line of Essere products. Not only do they carry great organic toys... but they also carry a number of items. Such as stainless steel bottles, personal care and even home decor.

Coupon It: Use the code "SRB08" for 10% off your purchase. This is valid until Dec!



  1. These are totally cute. I am like you I also look for different and unique items when someone tells me they are pregnant.

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