Tuesday, August 26, 2008


With two boys forever falling down... bumping into each other... and ramming into corners of furniture and toys... I was constantly battling the "keep ice on your boo boo" issue. It is almost impossible to do. They hate it...

Now though with the help of this wonderful GAL PAL that problem is solved.
I seriously am in love with this product.


For $13.00 you can own a product that feels better, looks better and is much more fun for a child to hold and use. My kids have been playing with mine (empty).. not sure why but they just like holding it.

The Gal-Pal is also fantastic for us women... Its name says it all.. For me nothing works better to relieve cramps than a hot compress. I just went through it and used this pal... filled it with hot tab water and was so pleased with the amount of warmth it put through. Worked perfectly.

Buy It: The Gal-Pal comes in a variety of colors.. From Retro Prints, Florals to even fun baseball prints for boys.

Win It: We get to giveaway one Gal-Pal to a randomly drawn winner.

In order to enter you must go to the GAL-PAL site.. and comment letting us know what you think about their products. They sell more than just the pals :-)


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