Monday, September 1, 2008

New to Photoshop?

As a fairly new photographer I am always looking for ways to enhance my photographs.

Through photoshop elements I have been able to do so much more. Its a wonderful program at an affordable price. I look forward to one day owning the "real deal" photoshop :-) but for now this is doing a fine job.

One thing I love to use now are actions. Sometimes called filters.
With photoshop elements 6.0 it took me some time to figure out how to upload actions to my program. It can be done! Theres a trick to it though :-)

You can search on FLICKR.COM for instructions on how to do this. My post isnt about that.. but rather about a great website called CoffeeShop Photography.


The CoffeeShop provides a wonderful selection of actions/filters and tutorials on how to use/create your own. I downloaded every single one she had :-) and love them!

They took time to figure out... but once I did they were a breeze to use.

I decided to upload a few before/example pictures for everyone. I took a photograph my friend Angela snapped of her daughter Eden. These were taken with a Canon Rebel XT w/ the tiny flash (that I personally cant stand)... The before photo to me has no pa-zaz besides the babies adorable expression :-)

After the actions I loved the photo so much more.

It was fun to play with.

Here you go!

Original Photograph


Hot Cocoa Action


Urban Action


Reduced Color (BW Filter)


RaspBerry Action


Download Now
: Since you cant BUY these actions... I thought the download now was suiting :-) Check out the Coffee Shop blog for all the free actions you want. Big thank you to the creator, Rita!


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  1. Hi! I just found your blog and I wanted to say thank you for the lovely things you said about my actions/blog! Your photos look great!!! It is really fun to see what people do with the actions, and their work usually looks so much nicer than mine. :-) Rita from CoffeeShop


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