Friday, August 15, 2008

Rockin' Baby Sling - Winner

Since Drea is out of town she asked me to draw a winner for this over-due Rockin' Baby Sling giveaway. Winner is Linsay who finally decided
They are all soooo gorgeous!!! I love "So Damn Beautiful " !!! if I had to pick :) Okay, it's just taken me like 20 minutes to decide on this. What beautiful work! :)
Please email Drea at drea.simple[at]gmail[dot]com within one week.

For those who are drooling over these Rockin' Baby Slings yet didn't win you can get 15% off your purchase when you write (in the NOTE section at check out) SIM 01.

Mission Accomplished!


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  1. THANK YOU!!! And I just spent another 20 minutes poring over the site! :) haha. I'm very excited, thanks again!


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