Sunday, September 7, 2008

Create-A-Tale DVD

Do you remember the "choose your own adventure" books??

Funny Fairy Tales from Create-A-Tale reminds me of a kiddie DVD version of those books. This DVD contains five different "fractured" fairy tales. Here is a list of the stories that are included. Each is interactive letting the children choose an aspect of the story like what the piggy's house should be made of or what the little girl should wish for. Their slogan being "Children don't just watch, they CREATE!"

Although the stories and "twists" are pretty goofy and very different from the original fairy tales (all those purist should beware), the kids liked the stories and thought the choices and situations were funny**.

My kids also really liked the interactive part and seeing the words that they had choosen spelled out for them. The Monster Song includes the children making choices about what instruments the monsters will play, a simple introduction to some instruments and what they sound like.

WATCH IT!! You can "preview" for free the The Three Big Pigs which is a "twist" of the Three Little Pigs tale that you're probably familiar with.

BUY IT!! There are two ways to purchase the DVD... one is through Create-A-Tale using PayPal and get free shipping. The second is through Amazon!!

** I am careful about what kinds of shows the kids watch, so we did not watch The Witch's Stew. I was hesitant about The Monster Song as well, but Anna and I watched it first and it wasn't very scary. So just a heads up!


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