Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Febreze - for carpets, fabrics and air!

I have been a fan on Fabreze products for a while now. Well, they are at it again with a new product that eliminates odors and freshens fabrics, carpet and air. It s the Febreze Fabric Refresher, in lavender vanilla sent. You can spray it in the air, on the sofa, or on the living room floor, it's made to work on all three surfaces!

Honestly, it smells pretty darn pretty to me. I'm thinking I could skip vacuuming for a week, just spray some Fabreze in it's place and be good (kidding of course, right...)

No really...this spray is pretty darn handy for the person that wants to have that "fresh sent" lingering throught the home at all times, despite of their cleaning schedule.

The fine mist spray provides a long lasting freshness that last up to two days. The bottle is ergonomically friendly, and reduces hand fiatige (on crazy quacking noise...you know what I'm talking about).

Go ahead, give it a whirl....it's pretty fresh!


  1. I love Frebreeze too! It's a awesome product!

  2. I LOVE LOVE Febreze and so does my husband. Matter of fact we buy so much of it we should be joint share owners of the company! (0;


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