Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Look Daddy, new soap!"

As a mom of two young children I find that I am a tad anal when it comes to germs. I carry sanitizing wipes, and gels/sprays, etc... every where I go. We even keep a large tub of wipes in our car.

While at home I like to express to Caleb (who is 4) the importance of cleaning his hands. That it not only keeps him safe but also protects us from germs as well.

When I showed Caleb the the bottle of Dial White Tea Foaming Soap he went to his Daddy and said "Look Daddy, new soap!"

With the easy to push top and the foam texture... my children (Ages 4 and 1 1/2) do beautifully washing their own hands.

With its clean and simple bottle It fits the look of all our rooms.

With 3 bottles now in our home.. one in our kitchen, guest bathroom and master bathroom.. we are set for keeping our hands and our childrens hands clean.

Dial is hosting a contest right now. The entire campaign is focused on the Web site Moms and dads can enter their kids in the video contest there, plus have access to a variety of printable materials to help teach their children about proper hand-hygiene.

Below is a video with more information about the contest and what the Dial Campaign for Clean hands is all about. Lets just say you could win a trip to DC! So listen up :-)



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