Tuesday, September 23, 2008

One Red Panda

We've found yet another innovative and inspiring clothing line for the kiddos! If you have a child in your life that loves monkeys, scooters, drum or pirates, One Red Panda is for you. If your little one loves comfy tees, onesies and sweatshirts, these clothes are for you.

With their amazing one-of-a-kind graphics, paired with fun color combinations, One Red Panda is a must have for the back to school wardrobe.

Our favorite, the long sleeve scooter tee ($28), is perfect choice for my cool kid of a daughter. Pink tee with royal blue sleves, adorned with a sassy girl monkey riding a scooter, it's the perfect choice for preschool play.

Why else do we love One Red Panda? Because it's husband and wife owners are dedicated to creating a sustainable product line. With local silk-screening and sweatshop free environments, you can feel good about your One Red Panda purchase. Additionally, they are commited to helping the world community by donating 1% of their annual proceeds to charity.

Buy it! One Red Panda can be purchase either off their own on-line store or through their Etsy shop.

A Simple Coupon! One Red Panda wants to extend a special offer to Simple readers. Enter "simple" at checkout to receive free shipping on your entire order!


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