Monday, October 27, 2008


IMG_0136As a mom who loves being creative.. and went to school for art... I am all about a toy that encourages a child to be creative.

My boys love to use markers... but at times the markers can result in writing on the walls of fights over who's color is who's.

A fun alternative to traditional markers are the Aquadoodle mats and pens.

Fill the perfectly sized kid pen full of "water" and you have ink for days. No more writing on the walls, no more writing on each other... no more fights over colors :-)

I have found this is a fun way to teach Caleb letters.. Anything that allows me to engage my "some what distracted" 4 year old is a good thing.

Buy It: The Aquadoodle comes in a variety of sizes and options. You can even buy an Aqua doodle PLUSH now.. that allows your kids to color and create on an adorable stuff toy.




  1. I used to stick these in the floor under the pew at church when my kids were too little to listen in preaching :)

    A nice quiet toy to keep them occupied, and I didn't have to worry about them coloring on the carpet at church.

  2. shelley - that is a brilliant idea! I might have to steal that one from you...

  3. Wow this looks like a wonderful product!!!

  4. We love our aquadoodle! My only advice is to buy the extra pens, because ours have gotten lost a few times! :)

  5. Ow good idea shelley!! I want the tiny ones that the can take in the car.. christmas gifts! :-)


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