Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bath Blizzard Bubble Fun!

Are you tired of using bubble solutions for your kids that last just moments... and then vanish? resulting in a kid wanting MORE bubbles... or buying more bubble solution?

This was something we battled... and it seemed like a waste of bubble soaps each time we filled up the tub.. THEY NEVER LAST.

With the Bath Blizzard you are able to fill IT with a SMALL cap of any bubble solution and enjoy minute after minute w/ non stop bubbles.


Its really simple to use... you just pour in the cap full of bubble solution.. fill it to the top with water... hang it onto your bath tub faucet and you are good to go.

The photo does not do the bubble amount justice... this thing makes a TON of soft fun and fluffy bubbles.

My boys ask for it every time they take a bath now.

The photo in this post shows them playing "Bubble Soup."
They would fill up a cup of water and feed each other bubbles.

Buy It: You can find the Bath Blizzard at many retail stores near you.



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  1. What cuties!!!

    I so want to try this. My kids would adore it!


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