Sunday, October 12, 2008

The BOB Revolution Duallie

A couple of months ago my husband went on a walk...

After a 10 minute turn around the neighborhood he called me telling me to "Get a Bob!" He said had it not been for him being a Pastor he would of chucked our double stroller across the yard, to the curb. HAH!

When you have two heavy boys like ours having one of the back to back double strollers ends up being a pain. We dealt with all the classic stroller issues...

- Not being able to steer it with one hand
- Not being able to push it without it bearing to one side
- Getting trapped because its 5 miles to long and wont turn without making a semi truck wide turn.
- Hard to push
- Uncomfortable height handles

My new GymNow with the BOB we are in stroller heaven.
We have none of those issues anymore.

I was skeptical at first. I didnt think a stroller with two boys like mine would be fun to push... I was wrong.

With a 40 lb 4 year old on one side and an almost 30 lb 2 year old in the other side.. we are set w/ the Bob and have no trouble.

With the particular model we have the Bob Revolution Duallie we are able to enjoy wonderful jogs w/out the struggle of most strollers. We are able to push with ease and deal with no more pulling issues. We also get to shop at malls and turn on a dime w/ the 180 degree front wheel the Revolution offers.

All around this stroller is just an amazing piece of work. Its built well and it will last you the rest of your child bearing days.

We plan to have more children and the thought of having this stroller for the rest of our children is wonderful. I have enjoyed this stroller so much and hope to be able to pass it onto another mom once we are done having kids.

They are built to last...

The BOB is out of most moms budgets I find... but if you are new mom and you want a good quality item... let about 5 families know about this item.. and they can all chip in and get it for you as a shower gift. It may cost as much as a decked out baby crib... but you will use this far longer than a crib :-)

To answer an important question some may have.. The Duallie model strollers will fit through most single doors! It weighs about 32 lbs.. so even someone as small as me can pick it up and pack it into the mini van. The wheels also pop off to make it easier to fit into smaller trunks. Also if you are a mom of a newborn... unlike most jogging strollers... this stroller can accommodate a newborn car seat carrier. You do have to purchase the Bob Infant car Adapter for that feature... small extra cost..

Buy It: The Bob Revolution Duallie can be found at many stores all over the country... to find our more information about it and the other BOB brand strollers check out their website at BOBgear.

*UPDATE* A blogger let me be aware of a sale going on over at Rei! These strollers are 20% off during the month of Nov. on their site.. take advantage of that, thats an incredible savings*

*My husband is very happy... and has no more urges to kick a stroller to the curb*



  1. That is a great stroller! From pushing yours, I would have LOVED to have this with my two when they were younger. It is soooo easy to push!

  2. Great review!! I'd love to get a Bob someday too.

  3. Nice review. I am glad this was great for you. I am sure I would love one of these when I have 2 kids.

  4. wish I would've had one of those. my double stroller was like pushing a TRAIN!!!

  5. its a realy nice one i can tell just by looking at it

  6. I have the version before this, and although I love it, it doesn't fit through many doors! Just about 1/2" too wide! BOB's ROCK!

  7. crystal,
    yea... I love the fact ours can fit thru almost any door.. thats a real good thing haha.. but even if it didnt fit thru most doors it still be one rockin stroller!


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