Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bloggers Said?

One thing we like on simple is to hear from you all! If you have ever won anything please email us letting us know how happy you are :-) You can also email us photos to add to our SIMPLE winners tab.

We also enjoy hearing how you the readers found our site... and what items you've purchased because of simple.

Feel free to email those Testimonial's to myself Drea at Drea.Simple [at] gmail [dot] com... or Lis at Lis.Simple [at] gmail [dot] com.


Hi Drea,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the wonderful prize package
that arrived! This kit looks like a blast. I love baking - it's a
creative outlet for me, so I will really enjoy using this!

I also added your site to my blogroll. :)

Thanks again!

~ Beeb
(Who won a cake kit from

Hi Shelley,

just wanted you to know I got this yesterday. Hubby already tried it out this morning, and does not want to share, lol. I love it, very soft and you can't even feel the wires which is amazing considering I am accustomed to the uncomfortable electric blankets of many years ago. It looks like when our taxes come in we are getting one or two of them, because we like them so much! Thanks for letting me know about this new product, I will be writing about it on my blog in the near future and have also sent the PR Rep. Donita a thank you card in the mail today.

~ Michelle
(Who won the Lands End Heat Comfort Electric Blanket)

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  1. Hi! I won a reusable wrap and mat a few months back and just wanted to say how much my son truly enjoys it! It keeps his sandwich fresh and because its larger then the sandwich he can put his sandwich and his chips on it while he eats them without having to put them on the table!

    Thank you again! :)


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