Friday, October 17, 2008

MNKR , t-shirts with serious style

It's that time of year again. Time to get out, get active, and rock the political vote. While our kids don't need to know about the grown-up issues of this years election; it good to teach them what a vote is and why someday theirs will matter.

It's excited to see her little mind work, watching her interest getting sparked. I love the questions, the inquiries, the preschool interpretation. And anyway, who said politics couldn't be fun (and seriously stylish)?

MNKR, a great place to find all sorts of fun and edgy tees (many printed on organic cotton). For this political season, they have put together a few stellar shirts to wear to the polls. Whether you're a Barack, McCain, or even somewhere in between, MNKR will have you looking like a rock star at your local precinct. My favorite MNKR kids (or Chitlins, as refer to on their website) tee has to be this "I wish I could vote" ($20) tee. Soon my young one, soon....

And if politics just isn't your bag....have no fear. MNKR has a wide array of Mens, Womens, and Chitlins shirts to suit just about any rock star style.

Buy it! MNKR tees can be purchased online. Order yours today and have it in plenty of time to strut your stuff to the polls.

A Simple Coupon! MNKR has extended a discount to all Simple readers. Type in design10 at checkout to receive 10% off your total purchase!

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