Thursday, October 2, 2008

New Simple Mom Search

As some of you know we have been lacking in reviews on certain days... one of our beloved mamas Kelsey had to step down from the simple team due to the upcoming birth of her new baby... So...

Its time for us to search for a new SIMPLE MOM!

If you are interested in this we have a few requirements...

  • 1. That you are a regular blogger. If you don't have a personal blog that you update at least 2-3 times a week... then this may not be for you. If we see that you can keep up a regular blog then we have no doubt you could keep up with us as well.

  • 2. Must be a mom :-) or pregnant! If you aren't a mom yet but you are expecting you still can sign up.

  • 3. You must live in the United States... I know a lot of our readers are Canadians... but most of our publicity and companies are US based... so we are trying to keep that the same with the team.

Got those things covered?... then here is all we need you to do.

Fill out this brief survey...

Copy the following questions below... then paste them into an email. Send the e-mail to[at]gmail[dot]com

1. What is your main reason for blogging?

2. How long have you been blogging?

3. Do you have children, if so how many and what age.

4. Are you pregnant. If so when are you due?

5. Are you married?

6. What is your world view?

7. Do you work?

8. What sort of things would you be interested in reviewing?

9. Why do you think you'd be a great addition for the team?

10. Please link us to your blog.

We do have one last requirement...
If you do intend on joining this search... please add the button below to your site.
We will be remodeling the SIMPLE site very soon.. as a means to prep for the new season of reviews and fall/winter months.


  1. Hi! I added the button to my sidebar but it is to wide and runs over into my blog. Could you give us the option of a one that has a reduced width?

  2. I added the button and my blog is

  3. I had added the more red button...i'm changing it now. cute button! =)

  4. I added the button! What a great opportunity! Thanks!

  5. I added the button...what a great opportunity.

  6. Hi, I just sent in my submission. The button was to wide for my sidebar so I added it to my footer.

  7. I added your button to my footer so that it would fit. Thanks for the opportunity!


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