Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Priddy Creations Highlight

A while ago I showcased a wonderful product for camera straps.
Beautiful strap covers to spruce up any ones strap to give it a unique flare of personality.

After reviewing her straps I realized that my laptop bag was cutting into my shoulder... I debating just buying a new laptop bag with a better padded shoulder... but then decided to take my camera strap cover off the camera strap... and place it onto my laptop bag strap.

Priddy Creation Strap

ReviewingWAH-LAH! It worked.. and now I am able to carry my laptop without the strap digging in. The camera strap worked beautifully both with my camera and laptop.

Some laptop bags and camera bags may have a wider strap than mine.. so you may need to get the strap specially made through Priddy Creations. For me both my camera straps and laptop bag straps were the same width and worked with the same size covers.

You can also use these on your camera bags if needed.

Buy It: You can purchase these customized straps over at Priddy Creations.. as well as a number of beautifully hand crafted products. Amy brings home made to a new level w/ her flawless work.

A Simple Coupon: Use the coupon simple10pc for 10% off your order. If coupon does not work just email Amy. She will adjust your invoice. Also you can order off her ETSY shop if you prefer...



  1. What a clever idea! I got crafty a while back and made myself a camera strap, but it doesn't look nearly as pretty as those!! :)

  2. Drea looks beautiful as always. I haven't been here in a while so forgive me girls. The new look is fabulous!


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