Tuesday, October 21, 2008

rabbit moon

It's said in modern day Mexico that something "only happens once in a rabbit moon" - meaning that it is unique or exceptional.

Let me introduce to you the amazingly unique and exceptional clothing designs from Rabbit Moon.

The very successful company Rabbit Moon has taken unique and stylish kids clothes (newborn to 4T) to a whole new level - a level that reflects comfort and ease. I'm in love with their stylized pockets, modern color combinations, and adorable patterns.

Rabbit Moon outfits are special enough for family pictures but comfortable enough that your kids will want to play in them all day (although they just might be too special to actually do that, your kids will just want to).

One of their newest little girl collections, the bougainvillea, had my heart from the moment I laid eyes on it. These girlie separate pieces are designed with gorgeous color combinations of French blues, pinks, and corals. With 16 different separates in the collections, the outfit combinations are almost infinite.

Rabbit Moon has not left out the boys here by any means. If I was a mother of a little guy, he more than likely would be sporting an outfit from their newest boys collection, the tractor. Again, the talented designers of Rabbit Moon hit the nail on the head with the cool color combinations and subtle motifs to create very sophisticated outfits for the tiniest of men.

I have to be honest, I'm fairly choosy when it comes to the clothes my daughters wear. They have to be made out of soft fabrics that are comfortable to play in. They have to be as unique as my little girls are.

Rabbit Moon's garments are depict everything I'm looking for in kids clothes. They are stylish and trendy for today, but will make timeless classics for years to come.

Buy it! Rabbit Moon can be purchased at many online retailers, and at specialty stores across the country.


  1. Those are so cute. I love the flight and tractor collection for boys.

  2. I would love all of the girl's cloths!!! My favorite is the bougainvillea as well!!!

    Thanks for bringing these awesome children's products to us!

    Christine Hiebel

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