Monday, November 10, 2008

3 Day Potty Training

What's the most challenging times of all toddlerhood for mamas??? Ask around..... POTTY TRAINING!! Ahhhhh... the dreaded time of potty chairs, struggles over potty-ing, yes.... some messes on the floor and the fear of leaving the house with your tike in underpants!!

There is one momma who has actually confessed to LIKING potty training and offers her method to those of us who dread potty training!! Her name is Lora Jensen and her method is 3 Day Potty Training!!!! Lora has plenty of experience potty training her own three boys as well as offering advice hundreds of women through her eBook!! When you purchase the eBook, Lora also includes unlimited online mentoring through her new helpdesk. So you have the eBook to get you prepared for the 3 days and then the mentoring to help with extra questions and advice throughout the training period.
Some of Lora's major emphasises are that diapers are expensive and wasteful!! And that younger children are able and ready to be trained!! Her recommended age for training is 22 months!! Can you imagine having your almost 2-yr old completely potty trained for day and night????

During my "formal" attempt to potty training my little man, I followed Lora's eBook and method. I loved many aspects of Lora's procedure!! She requires that days are set aside for just training... so Momma and child stays focused!! Her intention is for the environment to be as stress-free and positive as possible, helping the child to how and when to go potty! She totally recognizes that older (over 2 yrs) children can be more difficult so she recommends having some motivating items handy, if they are needed:)

I unfortunately had (and have) a very stubborn and unmotivated little man on my hands. But in the process of training him using 3 Day Potty Training, his 18-month old sister showed tons of interest. She was MORE focused and ready than he seemed to be!!!

Recently, I did a trial run with "big boy pants" on my little man (almost 3 yrs old)!! He surprisingly stayed dry for a good part of the day and had a great attitude about pottying. So although my experince was NOT 3 days, I know using Lora's method helped get both of my little ones accustomed to the potty and know what to do!! And don't you know, when I'm ready to finally get them to be pottying experts, I'll be using Lora's wisdom and eBook (and maybe some mentoring) as my guides:)

3 Day Potty Training now has a review page of other moms that have tried and have experience with using Lora's method. You should check these success stories at the Review page. By contacting Lora through the 3 Day Potty Training website you can also receive some free tips (and encouragements to order her eBook.)!!

BUY IT!! You can order your copy of the 3 Day Potty Training eBook by Lora Jensen and receive her unlimited mentoring for only $24 (less than a month's worth of diapers.... and I use the super cheap brand)!!! And get the help you need to potty train your little one soon!!!