Monday, November 24, 2008

CONGRATS 2 the new....


M o m s !

Yes that was no type...
we did in fact decide at the last minute to pick two moms... instead of one.

We couldnt decide between the two and thought "8 simple moms" sounded better than "7 simple moms." so congrats are in order for two great women... Before I get to that a big thank you to all of those who signed up! All of you are wonderful and we were tickled to see so many fun moms out there that read simple. If we could pick you all we would of....

Below are the winning moms reviews...

More details will be emailed to the moms who won :-) so hang tight!
(the moms below are in no particular order)

view Winner #1

(With this review winner I am posting the entire email she sent.. because it ties along with her review to us.. and I found it funny! Shes witty and smart and I look forward to seeing more from her)

I hope I'm not crossing a line here, and I swear it won't happen again if I'm chosen. But I couldn't resist the opportunity of tooting my own horn. If I would be chosen, I realize that writing my own reviews would be incredibly tacky. But circumstances being what they are, I thought I could pull it off this time. It fell well within the guidelines - I had it on hand and it's one of my favorite things. :)

Here's my SIMPLE review. I've attached a picture as well. Thanks again for choosing me as a finalist. Based on my success here, I may someday be inspired to go on a game show.

(actual review starting....)

I like to choose clothes for the kids that are a little bit different from every other outfit in the playgroup. It makes the kids feel special.

The Rocking Pony is a fun Etsy shop that creates unique designs on kids shirts. I. Love. These. Shirts. My kids do, too. They're funky, well made, and an instant favorite from the minute the kids rip off the tissue paper they come wrapped in.

The shirts are so durable that I can be sure they'll hand down from one kid to the next. I know, I know. Sometimes this isn't always a selling feature for the kids. But as frugal moms, we know how valuable this can be.

Buy It: And moms everywhere will appreciate the easy care. Simply toss them in the laundry with everything else. They don't even require a special cold wash. Can it get any easier?

A Simple Coupon: Until Christmas, use code SIMPLE15 for a 15% discount on any shirt you order from The Rocking Pony.

(That coupon above is forreal. What a smart mama... promoting her own business at the get go! You can use that coupon at her store now if you'd like)

Review Winner #2

(Another photographer added to the team. I find it kinda funny... I think it will make for an even more eye appealing blog.. The photo posted in Shelleys reviewed looks like a stock photo! At 1st I thought she grabbed it off the wood wick site until I looked closer... SHE TOOK IT.. and thats her tree.. ALREADY UP BEFORE THANKSGIVING!)

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! One of my favorite parts of Christmas is spending time around the fireplace and enjoying wintry scents while listening to the burning firewood "crackle." If you are like me, you don't exactly get to experience that at home, since most people I know that have fireplaces have gas logs instead of wood burning.

I have found a way to create my idea of a perfect holiday without logs!

The WoodWick candle features a natural wick made from organic wood and combines the soothing sound of a crackling fire with awesome, long lasting fragrances for the perfect faux fire experience!

All of the candles include a wooden lid, and they easily fit into any decor because they come in such a wide variety of colors and scents. The candles are available in 2 sizes: 22 oz. and 10 oz. My favorite fall scent is "Pumpkin Butter," which I have in the largest size. I have burned it all day for over a month; well beyond the 180 hours it says that it will last!

My Christmas favorite is "Noel," and I love that its' scent is strong enough to fill my two story home, but still isn't overpowering. I also have "sunset beach" in my bedroom, which is a light, fruity scent, and "aloe" in my bathrooms which is a clean, fresh smell. I honestly believe there's something for everyone to enjoy, within their forty different scents.

I have a lot of allergies, and have still had no problems finding different "smells" that don't irritate me at all.

Buy It: Woodwick candles and diffusers are sold locally at, and the Noel scent featured in the photo retails for $24. You can visit the WoodWick home site, to find a retailer in your area. You can trust their motto: Fragrance never sounded so good!

SO CONGRATS to KAREN & SHELLEY!!! You two are the new SIMPLE MOMS! More information on these new mamas will be posted soon on simple.. and their information will be added to our about tab very soon.

Thank you again for all your wonderful support!

We feel blessed to have such wonderful moms supporting our site.


  1. I'm so honored. I feel as though I won that game show that I referenced. Thank you.

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