Monday, November 24, 2008


A few months ago it happened. We were watching what I thought was a kid friendly movie. I thought was appropriate for my 4 year old daughter (give me a break, it was a cartoon).

Boy was I mistaken...this particular movie just happened to have a scary monster in the flick. Let's just say bedtime has yet to be the same since.

Lucky for me, I have been able to convince her that not all monsters are created equal. Not all are big, scary, mean with a deep voice. Some monsters are cute, friendly, with a happy face and high pitch giggle. Right?

CurlyQCuties is a design your own monster company where your child can create and order their very own plush monster.

When we stumbled upon CurlyQCuties, I immediately knew that it was a brilliant idea! What better way to rid off a case of the nighttime scaries with creating a friendly monster to ward off the bad ones.

With a very user-friendly website, it's simple to sit down with your child and choose every element (body style, body color, eye style, eye color, etc) to make their monster unique and special.

Made in the USA, launched by a mompreneur just this year, we can't say enough good about these guys.

Buy it! CurlyQCuties are beyond affordable. At $25 a piece, these stuffed friends make a perfect holiday solution. And yes, gift certificates are available. Be forewarned, each monster is unique and made upon request. Arrival of your new friend usually takes from one to two weeks...although rush production is available for an up charge.

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