Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kraft goes Hormone Free!

For some time now we have purchased our children Organic Milk. Its a hair more expensive than regular milk... but I feel it is a great investment we make for our children. There are numerous studies showing the affect of hormones on children and I just feel it is best to keep as much of that out of our kids as possible.

With cheese though I was unable to find a local store that sold organic cheese... and the few choices I did find were CRAZY expensive. We couldnt afford or justify paying those cost.

Thankfully Kraft has released a new hormone free cheese line. The cheese comes from cows milk that are untreated with the growth hormone rbST.

My entire family tried the cheese. My 2 year old wont eat cheese... sadly. So he was unable to test it for me. My husband prefers block cheese so he was out... BUT my son Caleb (4) and I both loved it and have enjoyed many sandwiches already.

The Kraft Hormone Free Sharp Cheddar is what we used to make some grilled cheese sandwiches.. it melted very well and was the perfect cheese for us.

Buy it: You can learn more about this new line over at the Kraft website. Also check your local stores for this new product!


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  1. Awesome review. I have always given Ethan Organic Milk as well. Great to know they have cheese out there too.


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