Thursday, November 20, 2008

Plan Toys

I love it when I find my girls quality toys that really stretch and pull at their imaginations. Toys that really get the wheels in their brains turning.

Plan Toys are one of my new favorite must-haves for the holiday season this year. Let me share with you their company business vision, since I think it speaks volumes for their product.

Take a look at what Plan Toys have to say:

"We create toys that inspire children’s imagination as well as promote their physical and intellectual development. We’re also proving that it is possible to maintain superior quality standards while steadfastly following a path of environmental and social responsibility."

So do you want to know what I'm loving right now from Plan Toys? First off, we are totally engrossed in one of their new toys for 2008, the Build n' Roll. The Build n' Roll essentially consist of 44 different blocks with 3 marbles. The designer/architect in me loves this because it combines both fine motor skills with intellectual thinking. I love that the ideas for this toy are completely open-ended with tons of possibilities. Additionally, this toy is perfect to play by yourself as well as in a group.

Our second favorite toy is the pull along zebra. The concept for push along toys have been around for awhile, but this little zebra is different in my books. As the child pulls the animal along, it's head bobs up and down while it's hind legs spring up and down. And if I haven't convinced you enough, this toy was recognized as a 2008 Parents Choice "Best Toy".

I've said it before, I'll say it again. I want to feel good about the toys my kids play with. It's obvious that kids love to play, with Plan Toys you can feel confident that playtime will be well spent.

Buy it! Plan Toys can be purchased at my toy stores throughout the Country as well as on the Plan Toys Website.


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