Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Living Playing: Root-Vue Farm

Finding products that encourage learning is tops on my list, so finding the Root-Vue farm on Living Playing was like finding a dream. Providence loved putting it all together and faithfully checking for sprouts every morning which began arriving in less then a week. The viewing window was cool to watch and the roots burrowed down, in fact the only thing I would do differently is plant these guys in warm weather since the sprouts seem to be struggling in the cooler winter temps. But with extra seeds, and neat facts to read I'll have no problem re-visiting Root-Vue Farms again in the spring.

Living Playing has a personalized feature making shopping even easier, shopping by symbols. This way you can find many different toys to encourage your child's emerging skills with the click of a button.

Buy it: Living Playing has something worthwhile for every child on your list with great prices and a sale section for even bigger savings.

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