Monday, December 22, 2008

My (M&M) type of candy

Finding the perfect gift for that person that seems to have everything can be stressful. I have to admit, I have a few of these people on my Christmas list this year.

I have found a simple, thoughtful, unique, personalized solution for the hard to buy for (that is sure to be a huge hit).

My M&M's personalized candies is a guaranteed crowd pleaser for any occasion or holiday. Simply visit and pick your colors, messages, and upload your photos, making your order special for any and all types of occasions.

I made some 7 oz. bags of photo M&M's for my families stockings stuffers this year. I'm probably more excited to give this chocolaty gift over any other present year. It's sure to spark lots of laughs and overall jolly merriment with my family, the young and old.

The whole on-line process is extremely simple, it you can get online you can create these unique candies. It's a seamless step-by-step process of choosing a few candy colors, uploading your favorite picture, and adding a fun message.

My M&M's are not just for the Holiday season by any means. This unique gift is perfect for wedding favors, corporate parties, or even birth announcements. How fun would it be to announce to the world that "it's a girl" with a melt in your mouth treat!

Buy it! Visit and create your very own personalized candies.


  1. Last time I checked, I knew that you could do personalized colors...this is way cooler!

  2. So lemme get this can upload an image of your child, put onto chocolate and then in essence, devour said child?


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